Welcome to Our Journey!

I'm glad to have you visit and sneak a peak into our world. Though most who visit are our family (who live a distance from us) or friends, the following is for the benefit of those who don't know us very well. 

My mission statement written almost 13 years ago reads: 
My purpose is to be a godly woman by making my relationship with Christ a priority, by ministering to and meeting the needs of my husband, by joining with my husband in rearing obedient and godly children, by diligently overseeing the ways of my household,  and by taking opportunities to use my God-given talents to minister to others. 

I am first a follower of Jesus - learning how to love Him, desiring to become more like Him, and being available to be used by Him. Most of the past 13 years has been a journey of consciously making decisions and learning to keep life simple and balanced in all areas so that there is ample time for the most important things in life. Learning to keep the "main thing" ....the Main Thing. 

I am secondly the wife of Philip Brown and a supporter and part of his ministry at God's Bible School and College where we have been since 2002. He's been God's amazing gift to me and an answer to many prayers.

I am also very blessed to be a mother - three times over - to three great guys God gave to us. Allan Philip, Daniel Mark, and Stephen Nathaniel. God gave me the desire of my heart when He chose these three!

I'm so thankful for the blessings of life I've been given, the hope I have in Christ, and enjoy sharing parts of "the journey" here. My hope is that it will be encouraging to you on your own journey. 

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