Sunday, October 08, 2006

Almost three weeks old already!

I know that children grow up fast but it seems to be happening double time right before my eyes! Already this week Daniel (three times) has gone from the 10 pm bottle until 4:30 or later. Soon the night feedings will be just a distant memory (although this is a good thing). Allan is enjoying being a big brother or perhaps it's because he's received so many new toys because of Daniel's birth! We're so thankful for healthy children. Allan is learning John 3:16. Right now it sounds something like this, "For God loved world that he gave only God's (begotten) son Jesus that whoever leaves not perish." It needs some more work but he enjoys repeating it over and over.

Now that's it's cooler outside, Allan is using his bobcat in a pan of Rice Crispies instead of the sandbox.

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