Monday, January 29, 2007

Pictures of the Snow last week!

It snowed last week and so Allan had a wonderful time playing in it. He also enjoyed licking the brownie spatula. His brother is growing so quickly! I'll have to share this: Tonight Allan informed me that his angels were not with him. I asked him why and he replied, "Because they're out getting groceries." Evidently they were off duty for the time being. When I told him last night that my full name was Marianne Louise Brown he said, "You're kidding!"


dorcas said...

That is absolutely hilarious. I guess Blakes angels were off duty the other night as well. He has gotten brave enough to stand on his rocker without holding on. Of course he fell on his nose. He cried a little but then climbed right back up. The pictures are cute of the boys. I did notice on your table an arrangement of apples. Did you do that? I'd love to know how it was made. Very pretty. I haven't seen you in awhile. I hope you are doing well.

Nancy said...

Not much will beat a brownie spatula! Looks like Alan was as crazy over the snow as a couple other campus kids were....not to mention any names. haha What we're really jealous of is Alan's front row seat to the building in progress. I haven't told the kids about that yet, or I'd be out there FREEZING to death everyday!:)

Ted said...

Great pictures! Your boys are really growing fast! We enjoyed some snow here in Greenville last week, although it didn't last very long!