Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I'm having another one of those insomnia spells that will bring a mother of toddlers to tears! It's 4:38 and not a wink yet. Two and half hours and my day will start with a bang. I'm feeling okay now but by the time my company comes this evening for supper I'll be at less than my best I'm afraid. Perhaps while Allan is at Children's Church (we're in campmeeting) and Daniel is taking his nap I can grab a few winks.

 My parents came in from PA last week for Daniel's dedication. We had fun and the boys miss Grandma and Pappy. Here are a few pictures. I also did a graduation cake but I'll save that picture to add to the pictures of the three cakes that I have to do for this weekend.

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Springer Family said...

I understand sleepless nights! :-) Looks like you had fun w/ your family! Hope you got to get some rest today! :-) ~Renee