Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Adventures of a Cake Decorator Continued

They're all baked! I'm so thankful that the Lord helped me to get really organized so that when one batch was coming out of the oven another was going in. The one layer that took 65 minutes to bake went into the oven right before lunch so that wasn't inturupted. Today was as much of a success as yesterday was a failure. That was an answer to prayer.

Now I have all day tomorrow to remake the icing. I ran to Sam's Club before church this evening and bought all new ingredients so we're good to go. Friday I'll spend putting the initial icing on (this takes the longest time of the whole process...ever tried to get a perfectly smooth finish?!) and decorating everything that I can before it's transported. Thanks to those of you who left comments to the last post that you'd be praying for the trip. All it takes is one person not paying attention to the fact you're stopped at a red light and it's all over. Some bride's dream will be one blob of confection. I also had the thought...what if I got a flat tire? The spare is under the floor of my trunk. That would not be cool!

Sighhhhh.....ummmmmm....I have a confession to make. Those gum past calla lilies were not made by me. When I have this many gum paste flowers on a cake (I believe a little something over 100) there is no way that I could take the time to make them myself and still make a profit. Let's face it, if you charged by the hour for a wedding cake - you wouldn't have any business! So when I have a wedding cake with special icing flowers (like gum paste) then I order in bulk from Pfeil and Holing. When I have a small cake where there are only 5-20 then I do them myself (Like the Hawaiian themed cake). The only large scale flowers that I do myself are the buttercream roses. Any gum paste roses are ordered. Sometimes you'll see a cake that I post where I order the complicated pieces and then do my own fillers. I would love to say that I do all of the flowers myself and I may go back to that once the boys are older. Right now it's more important to me that my hobby doesn't interfere with my ability to be a mommy. So there it is! The truth is out.

BTW: On Nancy Lambeth's birthday cake I used some of the overstock from this wedding.

I'll post pictures on Saturday...if I remember to take my camera!


Brenda said...

So glad that today was a better day in your kitchen! I love seeing pictures of your cakes and am anxious to see this one. :-)

Charity said...

Don't worry, we still think you're impressive ;o)

Angie said...

Glad that today went better!! I know this cake will turn out great!! I'll be praying Saturday for the LONG HAUL!! I can't wait to see pictures of this cake!!