Monday, June 18, 2007

Father's Day

Three generations of Browns
Daniel - his hair has a mind of its own. 
Little Man


Justin and Jennifer Harris said...

Your guys look great all dressed up! The boys are so cute! Hoep you had a great weekend! Love ya!

Phillip D said...

Neat pic of the men all spiffed up. I just wanted to stop by and say, "Happy Father's Day" (a couple days late) to A. Philip Brown.


Angie said...

Your boys are adorable!! They are growing sooo fast!! Also your cake turned out gorgeous!!

Philip Brown said...

Phillip: I passed the message on to Philip and he was appreciative. He's trying to finish this book for Zondervan by his July 31st deadline which is taking almost all of his time. Thanks again for wishing him a happy Father's Day.
Angie: I would say that my boys are fine looking little guys but my point of view is pretty biased! Thanks for the cake comment. For all of the heartache and gray hairs it caused I think it turned out okay ;o)