Thursday, August 02, 2007

Title Explanation

The title from yesterday's blog comes from one of Allan's favorite books, "God's Wisdom for Little Boys: Character-Building Fun from Proverbs " by Jim and Elizabeth George. It takes character traits from Proverbs and gives a little four-line poem for each trait and a supporting Bible verse. The artwork is fabulous! We have enjoyed reading it to him before bedtime and talking about the pictures. If you have little boys this book is a good investment.

Funny from Allan: the other evening I took him to see Pop-pop Brown. As we were sitting around the table eating supper, Dad Brown said the word, "bummer." Allan said , "What is bummer?" Dad told him that something that is disappointing is a bummer. As Allan mulled over this he said, "Spankings are bummers!" We both agreed with him that they really are!


Andy, Dixie & "Bean" said...

This sounds like a very good book. I think it will go on Carson's Christmas list.
I love the shovel story. I can remember as a child working and saving money for things. Thats how I got my first pair of roller skates. I was so proud of those skates. It seems that when you work hard for something, you appreciate it more.

Philip Brown said...

This book is great. It does make you appreciate things more when you have to work so hard. It also makes it more difficult to deal with when the item gets it's first nick, scratch, etc. Like the first car I bought (with my sister) when it was wrecked (by her then current friend!). Sad day!