Monday, December 10, 2007

Whirlwind week(s)!

Last Monday - finished purchasing items for Jackie's cake Tuesday - made 6 batches of icing Wednesday - began baking. I baked the 14 inch heart first because that size takes an hour to bake. I ran over to the cafeteria to pick up our lunch leaving instructions with Allan not to touch the cake. He had been begging me all morning and though I was tickled he was asking for food (he's lost 7 lbs since Thanksgiving) he knows he's not allowed to have the wedding cakes. I promised him I'd make cupcakes out of the leftover batter and he could have as many as I wanted. When I returned the first words I heard were, "Mommy I had cake!" And bless his heart he had...1/4 inch was eaten out the entire perimeter of the heart. The conversation went like this, "Allan, what did mommy say right before I left?" "Not to touch the cake." "What did you do?" "I touched the cake." "Allan what did you just do?" "I disobeyed." Sometime I just look at him and think, "Are we not putting two and two together here?! " So we "fixed" both the cake and the disobedience and went on. Thursday - finished baking - was one cake mix short so I had to run to the store. Forgot to put the eggs in one cake so I had to do that batch over again. Psalm 34:1. Finished making the snowflakes. Friday- iced and decorated as much as I could. Saturday - did set up, came home and got everyone ready to go to the wedding, went to the wedding, I had the job of cutting the cake so I was there until the very end...all day affair. I forgot my camera so other people had to help me out. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures yet when the fountain was turned on. Oh, well.

This next week is unreal! Today I babysat, finished Christmas shopping (Philip took care of the boys from 1:45 to 8:00) YEAH!!!
Tuesday - Allan has Dr's appointment and the GBS Faculty/Staff Christmas banquet is tomorrow evening. Wednesday - making a meal for a family who just had a baby last week.
Thursday - Daniel has a research study visit at Children's Hospital and his one year checkup with his pediatrician. Our pastor is having the church board members and their wives for supper.
Friday is our church Young Adult Christmas get together. Somewhere in there the gifts will get wrapped, Christmas cards addressed and yearly letter written, and I'll continue to enjoy seeing Christmas through the eyes of little people.

For advent this year we've been focusing on the three aspects of Christ's coming. 1. Christ is coming again for His children 2. Christ comes in many ways all through our lives 3. Christ came as a baby. Last week we dealt with #1 and did a review on Saturday. We asked Allan if Jesus was going to come again and why he's coming again. Philip then asked him if he was going to go with Jesus when he came back and Allan answered that he was. So Philip asked him, "So how are you going to go to heaven with Jesus?" We were expecting his version of the plan of salvation (which he knows and has explained to us) but instead he said, "First you have to get in a REALLY BIG crane and it lifts you up!" Hope all of you have a blessed week!


Char said...

Yikes! And I thought I had it bad --- congrats on the Christmas shopping being done, I have to just get started...Christmas cards -- let's see last year I didn't even get them sent and the two years before that I sent New Year's greetings...hmmmm...think I better go work on grades first.

I love to read about Allan!!!

Julie said...

The wedding cake is beautiful! I'll have to tell Dan what Allan said about the crane - he will enjoy that. Hope you survive your busy week!

Charity said...

Ah-ha! More snowflake cakes. I thought you were done with the world of snowflake ;o) They are beautiful, Marianne, as usual!

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

WOW!! I guess you are one busy lady. I wanted to ask you about a girl who was at GBS. Her name is Sarah McClurg and I'm not sure of her married name. She was there for a few years and married a fellow. They are getting ready to have their 3rd baby and he (the husband) has been diagnosed with cancer. He's really bad off with something like a 10% chance of living. I just wondered if they are still there and if you know them. I have been really concerned for them and thought you might have an update as to his health. Just wondering. You are one busy lady. Have a great Christmas.

A Moment in the Life of a Mother said...

Thanks for the info on Sarah. I was able to contact her and am waiting a reply. Take care.