Saturday, March 22, 2008


Daniel continues to be a challenge to keep up with. Someone has said, "if you don't keep a child busy you deserve what they're going to do to you." That is indeed the case with this child. If I don't get ahead of him at the beginning of the day I'll be picking up the pieces after him all day long.

His latest training exercise has been learning to stay out of the refrigerator. After one container of French dressing was drizzled over the living room carpet, back the hallway, and dumped in the office; 9 eggs broken on the kitchen and living room floors; and half a stick of margarine eaten; and half a gallon of Kool- aid dumped on the kitchen floor mommy has taken a stand. The closest verbal picture I can give you is a tornado on legs. Little boys like this were meant to be outside where their energy can be put to good use digging, climbing, and running. We're thankful that he seems to have a tender spirit and pray that God will keep him pliable. In the picture of him (that I couldn't catch him looking at me) in the kitchen he was eating his first yellow marshmallow peep that Grandma and Grandpa Slagenweit sent him. I don't know how kids stand them but they seemed to be a hit.


Melanie C. said...

Oh my! You seem to have your hands full with this kid! How loud did you scream after each of these incidents?! Just kidding ...sort of!
:-) ;-) :-)

Char said...

Daniel reminds me of Christi. We always called her our "Little Tornado" although she never got into the fridge! Did he do all of that in one day? YIKES!!

Marianne Brown said...

Melanie: It's one of those times you have to keep reminding yourself that he is a boy!
Charlotte: No, that was over the course of a week. I didn't put in the post that his other favorite place to play is the toilet...that's another training item in progress right now :o)

Nancy said...

Wow! I thought Caleb was a handful...I guess I have much to be thankful for. Chris and I were just reminiscing the "potty-play" days...Caleb loved to slash in the toilet. All of a sudden, he quit and I had almost forgotten all about it....they grow too fast...enjoy the little tornado! :)

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