Thursday, May 08, 2008

Busy Days are Upon Us

So why am I blogging? I'm taking a break from the million things that are calling my attention! These are the days when you could be booked every night of the week if you allowed yourself to be but in a little over a week it will all be over. I gave my last philosophy lecture on Wednesday and now I just have to wade through grading the philosophy papers. I intend to post more in depth later because I missed some great happenings over the past month: Allan's 4th birthday, my parent's visit, some nifty spring fun, cakes, etc. Here are a few things until I'm able to post again.

The day my parent's left for PA I sprayed a part of our driveway off and Daniel had such fun playing in the water...he was a total mess but was also totally happy. My parents planted a garden for me while they were here and helped me put in a shade garden. Even in the two weeks that they've been gone there is such a difference so I'll have to update the pictures and post them later.


Andy, Dixie & "Bean" said...

I loved the little video clip. Very funny!

Maria said...

I love the clip looks like something Bradyn has done.
So are you feeling better? We are going to be in PA June 25th thru July 1 I am hoping maybe we can get together sometime.

David & April said...

LOVE the video, looks like Daniel is ALL boy! Glad for the update. I check everyday, this is the way we keep up to you guys and what your all up to!! I see your quite busy!

Juwah said...

Loved the video, it really made me smile.

Charity said...

Eck! So this is what I have to look forward to. Boys are sooo boyish, aren't they? In contrast with Kathryn, who let out a blood-curdling, "I'm being eaten by a heffalump" scream last night, when a beetle landed on her shirt. ;o)