Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Week Three

It's hard to believe that he's three weeks old already! I had him to the Dr. last week and he weighed 7lbs. 9oz. He's tolerating the formula well which is an answer to prayer. He's a good Ezzo baby :o) eats every three hours and is on an awake 1 1/2 hours, sleep 1 1/2 hours cycle. Last night I gave him a bottle at 9:45 and had him in bed by 10:30. I slept until 3:58 and when I checked on him he was just starting to wake up. He ate and went right back to sleep. I woke him at 7 to keep him on schedule. I am amazed that we have another good baby... I'm very blessed. Well, it's time for another bottle.

Thank you #2

My mom and dad were able to come for a long weekend to meet their new grandson (this makes granddaughters...yet). They also did lots of other things: changed the handles on the fridge from the left to the right, finished the carpeting, potted plants, scrubbed floors, cleaned, put in door stops, worked on winterizing the garden, and many other things that helped make life run smoothly. Thank you mom and dad! That weekend was a busy one with pastor appreciation and our monthly SS Class dinner. Our SS class took a love offering for us which was so appreciated. Perhaps we can use some of the money to buy stock in a diaper company! Whew...the next big project is getting Daniel potty trained.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thank You #1

Newborns and consistent blogging don't go together very well but I wanted to give my family an update. First of all: A BIG "Thank You" to my mother-in-law, Nadine Brown, for spending the first two weeks after Stephen was born! She took care of the boys while I was in the hospital (which included taking care of two boys with the stomach flu!) and made sure things were running smoothly here at home. After I came home she did "night duty" with Stephen and that enabled me to recover from the birth and in general helped me return to "normal." That was such a blessing! I'm not sure how ladies handle it who have to come straight home from the hospital, take care of a baby through the night and toddlers during the day and yet try to get back on their feet physically. I'm blessed to have a family who was able to pull up beside me and carry the load until I got back on my feet. Thank you Mom Brown for all your hard work...she still had to teach school and go to work during the day. Also, I big thank you to our church family who provided meals for a week which took that burden off of our shoulders...Thank you! And to our GBS family (both individuals and D-groups) who provided food, meals, and grocery items. We feel very humbled by your generosity knowing most of you gave out of what little you have...Thank you!

During weeks one and two Stephen changed quite a bit...from newborn to baby. He weighed 6lbs. 7 oz at his first Dr's appointment. Sidenote: I took him to a new clinic and he saw: a student, a resident, and then the honest-to-goodness pediatrician - he initiated the first two right away when they chose to not keep his diaper on during examination...they'll soon learn.

Allan and Daniel recovered from the flu and have loved having a little brother to kiss and help burp. Two very big answers to prayer - that none of the adults in the household got the stomach flu and that Stephen made it through his first cold.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Hospital Announcement

Here is Stephen's birth announcement online. Thank you for all the kind comments and your prayers. We're doing well and will be posting more pictures when things slow down a little bit. - Marianne

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Pictures of Stephen

Here he is shortly after birth.

Marianne and Stephen

Philip and Stephen

Grandpa Brown and Stephen.
Dad came and prayed a "patriarchal" prayer of blessing for Stephen, just as he did for Allan and Daniel. We're committed to multi-generational faithfulness.

Grandma "Gramme" Brown and Stephen

Stephen Nathaniel Brown arrives!

Stephen made it to the outside world this morning at 11:48am, a 6 lb 12 oz. fellow, 19.25 in. long. Apgar (sp?) of 8 and 9 -- which means he's healthy. No jaundice. All parts intact and undamaged!

Marianne pushed about 8 times and out he popped. We're both very thankful for a smooth delivery and a healthy son. Pictures to follow once I bring the camera home from the hospital this evening.