Wednesday, February 04, 2009

UC Presentation Report

Thanks to all who prayed for me as I presented GBS and the Holiness Movement in a UC religious journalism class. I sensed the Lord's help and felt it went quite well.

My task was to "describe the religious traditions that fueled and spawned from GBSC and its overall relationship to the "holiness" movement, defining that term as well. A brief description of my work, my perspective on religion reporting in secular media, and, as a result, where I look for news about religion when I want it. That in roughly an hour and 15 minutes with time for student questions and interaction."

The class was relatively attentive. Little response from students. No questions. The instructor, Ben Kaufman--former religion editor for Cincinnati Enquirer--was very cordial, asked perceptive questions, and seemed to enjoy the presentation.

I've uploaded a .pdf of my presentation if you'd like to see what I shared with them. I am confident the Lord was using the truth to convict hearts as I spoke, and I pray that those seeds will bear fruit.



Jon Plank said...

Very interesting... I can't believe you fit all of that into 1-1/4 hours! GBS history is very interesting to me and it was great to work there on campus during the 100th year celebration.

Jon Plank said...
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George Gardei said...

Did you record the audio of the presentation?

The Going Blog said...

I'm just now reading both the prayer request and the update this morning. What an awesome opportunity your husband was given. I think his pdf presentation is great. Very professional. I wish he had audio with it. It is exciting to think of the seed planted yesterday afternoon. God bless!

Josh said...

Dr. Phil,

A beautiful presentation on the school! I wish I could have heard you deliver.

Josh Avery

Beth Stetler said...

What a great opportunity. The pdf presentation was very interesting.