Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's day to every mother who visits this blog. Particularly those whose children are not yet old enough to "rise up and call you blessed." :o) We took a quick picture before going to church with the boys in the new outfits Grandma Slagenweit gave them!

We had a lovely week here! The rain and sun mixture has produced wonderful green and some spectacular flowers. Tomorrow it will be two weeks since we planted our garden and everything is up several inches. I believe every corn seed sprouted....I'm going to have a lot of thinning to do. The boys have enjoyed watching the changes from day to day and Allan's all excited about the little broccoli head that are coming on. We hope to plant our tomatoes, peppers, and what ever else I decide I want to put in plus come pumpkin plants our backyard neighbor brought over.

We had a mother's day banquet at our church on Friday evening so I made two coconut cream pies for that....and for once the meringue turned out nice! This time I used the boiling sugar, cornstarch and water method as I beat the egg whites.

Thursday I donated some blood for a research study being done at Children's hospital. I have gave 5 TBS. of blood, they gave me $40. Not a bad deal! The boys loved it and just thought the needle and tubes were great. They even got free Band-Aids out of the deal. BTW: for those of you who want to make some extra money in Cincinnati this is sometimes a good option. They do have studies that will pay up to $850 but ones that pay that much can last a year with checkups every three months and bloodwork. They had one some time ago that paid $1,500 for a typhoid study. You got an 11 day, all expenses paid (plus the above) vacation at the hospital. I opted not to do this one....people can die from typhoid.

Saturday the boys and I finished shopping for school supplies. Allan starts K5 tomorrow! (No, we do not homeschool year round but he finished early and wanted to keep going) Saturday afternoon I got a two hour date with my husband and we had a great time at Panera Bread. Allan and Daniel went with Pop-pop and gramme to ride on some rides that were set up in the parking lot of a local Wal-Mart. They had a high old time....I'm not so sure Pop-pop and gramme's stomachs have fully recovered.


Liz said...

Happy Mother's day a day late to you, Marianne! I thought of you yesterday - hope your day was nice!

David & April said...

Happy Mother's Day! They are getting to big! =( Stephen can crawl already!! noooooo!!!!! LOL!

Andy said...

do you happen to know a number i could call to find out about these studies?

Joy said...

Happy Mother's day (belated) to you, too. Stephen looks to be about at the same stage as Samuel. He does a military crawl, too. So cute! Thanks for posting the clip.

~Heather~ said...

Looks like you had a Happy Mother's Day! It was nice to see a picture of all 3 of your children. I hadn't seen a picture of your baby.

Your pies look delicious. I'll have to try the method you tried the next time I make that kind of pie.

Have a super weekend in Jesus! =)