Saturday, September 26, 2009


This week has been eventful but not too taxing all at the same time. Philip came down with a cold last Saturday and really has been under the weather until Friday. Slowly his strength is coming back....just in time for him to teach Aldersgate all next week! Allan has slowly gotten over his sickness (this is the same sickness we've been trying to get rid of since Labor day!) but Daniel started having a really bad cough again this week. Stephen has finished his second round of antibiotics and I'm praying that we're finished with this nasty stuff. Lesson learned: Start all members of this household on a Zinc, Vitamin C and Echinacea supplement the FIRST of September next year! Last year when I did it we didn't have any serious bouts until I ran out in April and thought we were close enough to summer to quit .... NOT!

Monday Philip did drag himself to class (that's the bad thing about being in the field of education, if you're not there....there isn't anyone to take your place!) and then came home and went to bed as soon as he could. The boys and I on the other hand had a wonderful day. Some of you mother's know what I mean...every once in a blue moon.....everyone is right on schedule, you get accomplished what you intended to accomplish for that day plus some extra, you have lots of energy, the house is clean, laundry folded, you feel relaxed and think....why couldn't every day be like this?! Mondays are usually never like this....I'm always trying to catch up from Sunday's activities. My thought at the end of the day when I crawled into bed was, "This was a great day....surely tomorrow won't be as profitable." Shame on me for even thinking such a thing but goodness was I ever right!

Tuesday was the school picnic so Philip didn't have to get up and go to class so he was planning on staying in bed and trying to get back on his feet. He had a meeting in Franklin, OH in the afternoon that he'd have to get up and about for but other than that he was hoping to relax. At 1:30 am Allan woke me up saying he was sick to his stomach. The fog of sleep dulled the seriousness of the situation until it was too late! So after helping him and cleaning up the bathroom we took our pillows to the spare room to see if it was the flu or something else. Thankfully it must have been something else. Since it had been an unusual night I didn't wake the boys as I usually do (since I slept in also) but let them get up when they were ready. They were slow getting up and getting their beds made, breakfast was late so they got dressed late. Everyone was sluggish and all the extra energy I'd had the day before was gone! I put Stephen down for his nap and helped the boys straighten their room, put in a load of laundry and we started school. We hadn't been working very long when I remembered that he had music class so we hopped in the car, I drove him to school and dropped him off then Daniel and I ran to the grocery store to pick up a few items. On the way back we were delayed due to the main road in front of our house being closed due to this police chase. We got back to the school, picked up Allan and went home to continue school. Upon arriving home I decided to quickly cut up a chicken and put on to boil for a pot of soup for supper (since the cafeteria was closed due to the picnic). As I was cutting up the chicken and the boys were playing in the living room all of the sudden Allan started screaming (the serious kind of scream) and as I quickly washed my hands to see what was happening he came stumbling into the kitchen with blood pouring from his forehead. The nice thing was .... he couldn't see it. I grabbed a paper towel and avoided his question of, "Is it bleeding, is it bleeding?!" and tried to see what the story was going to be. It actually wasn't as bad as I had feared it was going to be but knew it was going to require stitches. I took him upstairs, woke Philip to get his opinion and we were agreed. So I gave some hasty instructions to get everyone through the next few hours and we headed to Children's Hospital ER.

I won't give the blow-by-blow details but I will say this: we arrived at 11:40 and were home by 1:10. That's impressive. Thirty minutes of that was waiting for the numbing gel to take effect (BTW...this stuff is marvelous! No needles anymore!) He got his three stitches all the while being entertained by a really nifty cart they wheeled in that had a sticker on it that said "Child Distraction Station" (I wonder how much they cost? I'd like to have one!). There were bubbles and lights and a projector that put pictures on the ceiling above the gurney. The visit was concluded with a Popsicle and on the way home he said, "I want to do that again! That was fun".

I arrived home to find that we were without power (and were until 5:30 that afternoon) so there wasn't anything I had to do. No e-mails to catch up on, no laundry, no vacuuming, no supper to prepare so I took a nap! It was rather nice.

Wednesday we got back into the previous days school lessons and prepared for Philip's D-Group to come. Thursday I spoke in Academy Chapel and fixed a snack for Phone-a-thon. Friday we finished up our school week a little ahead of schedule and I prepared for my D-Group to arrive in the afternoon. We spent the evening at Mom Brown's (Dad was gone for a speaking engagement) and today we made applesauce and did the usual Saturday stuff. Stephen is bathed and asleep, the boys are in the tub, and everyone is happy and in one piece :o) I'm looking forward to another Lord's day and some rest. Blessings!


Charity said...

Well, it didn´t take long for you guys to catch up on our latest life experience! Heehee. That´s so pitiful. And I want to know where that Child Distraction Station was when I was pinning down 30 something lbs. of terror.

Linda said...

Michaela would have to disagree with Allan on the "fun" part of ER visits. I am glad that it wasn't traumatic for him!!!