Saturday, September 12, 2009

Last weekend and Stephen's dedication

Last weekend my parents came in from PA for a visit and Stephen's dedication. The boys could hardly contain their excitement and now that Pappy and Grandma are gone they're hoping Thanksgiving comes soon so they can see them again.

It was such a short visit but anymore I'm thankful for whatever time we have together. Sunday we had Stephen's dedication and it was a treat to be able to have a double dedication with Nathan and Charity, Philip's brother and his wife and our nephew, Alex. Because of the Labor Day fireworks the service was held early so we could get back in Cincinnati before the interstate closed.

My mom and dad had to leave Monday morning so that mom could be back to work at the Post Office Tuesday morning. But Nathan and Charity stayed until Tuesday. Unfortunately, Stephen was sick with a double ear infection and the start of bronchitis, Allan was running a high fever and Daniel also got sick. I fought the bug with all my might but by Monday morning I knew I'd lost the battle. So, we canceled the planned family picture and hunkered down until the bug passed. I did have to make a cake for Tuesday...I had so been looking forward to doing it but had to just do the bare bones due to lack of energy! That was a disappointment.

But now the week is almost over and everyone is pretty well on their feet except for an occasional cough. We celebrated my birthday yesterday and had a leisurely day today. We built a fire this evening and enjoyed having family devotions around the fire...the boys are bathed and in bed.

I'm getting ready to do some ready and ironing and then turn in. I'm very much looking forward to worship tomorrow! For some reason my soul has felt disquieted this week and I'm longing to quiet myself before Him and "look full in His wonderful face...the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace." Blessings!

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