Thursday, September 03, 2009

Update....taking a break

This has been one of those weeks where there hasn't been a moment to sit....except for meals since the week began. It's insane. Monday I had a babyshower cake due so I did that and we had school. Tuesday morning Stephen needed to see the Dr so we spent the morning there and Allan went to school with his daddy and worked on his assignments. We planted our fall flowers on Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday another shower cake needed to be done. This was a mad hatter/whimsical cake so it's supposed to look disproportionate. The bottom layer is smaller than the top and they are a lot of work since fondant is necessary to keep them together. I finished that this morning and then had to take Stephen back to the Dr. since he was no better and I was convinced that the Dr on Tuesday was not correct in her diagnosis. (She was wrong...he has the start of bronchitis and a double ear infection). The garden continues to need attention in fact I must pick green beans this afternoon and fry a batch of okra. I'm also working on getting the house cleaned for my parents visit this weekend. It just needs a quick going over but the laundry monster is about to eat me alive. So this afternoon I'll clean the downstairs while the boys sleep, this evening I hope to do some canning, after the boys go to bed I'll get all the laundry folded, tomorrow I'll clean the upstairs and do the baking that I'd planned, get some food things prepared for our Sunday dinner and iron the clothes that will be needed over the weekend and the first of next week. Nathan and Charity are coming this weekend also so it's going to be one very busy weekend! I'm sitting here now to get off of my feet but the work isn't going to get done this way so off I go, "into the wild blue yonder!"


Kelly S said...

These cakes are both SO beautiful! I absolutely LOVE the top one. You're very talented!

Esther said...

Hello Marriane, This is Esther (Hill) Asbury. Just wanted to drop you a note and say "hi" - you do a beautiful job on your cakes!

Michele said...

I was able to see the mad hatter cake up close and personal today when I was helping my mom prepare for the shower, it was adorable! You did a fantastic job and I wish I could have stayed to sample a piece. Your cakes are beautiful and I enjoy your blog. God bless!

Gayle said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to make the Mad Hatter cake for us. It was a hit! Very Delicious and beautiful! Hope you can get some rest and your little ones are feeling better.