Friday, October 09, 2009

Happy Birthday Stephen!

One year old! He celebrated this past Monday (even though his birthday was last week) by doing the typical cake and ice cream at Gramme and Pop-pop's and also getting his first tooth. That was exciting. The first few always cause them to be fussy but after the first ones get through it seems like it's no big deal. It looks like we could have another four or five within the next month.

He loved his train cake and after taking a few finger swipes at it decided to bite off the "smoke". He doesn't know how to bite yet so he just gummed was very funny and his brothers thought it was hilarious. He also received a puppy from my folks which his brothers promptly named "Snuff". Don't ask where the name came from! They've never heard the word before except that.....I just remembered....that's the name of the Bernstein Bear's that's where they got it!

This week was filled with cakes, school, D-groups (sometime I'll have to share about "my girls". They are three young ladies from Korea and we've been having a blast!), getting ready for homecoming, putting cuffs in pants for a guy in the dorm (my first time to do this from start to finish on my own) and preparing for an absolutely horrendous week coming up!

The week has been pretty normal except my washer is on the blink so I've not had to do laundry! Yeah!!!!! I know I'm going to pay for it next week but the break has been nice. Daniel had a little mishap this week and received a pretty bad burn on his stomach. It happened right before bed so I bunked with him in the spare room so we could keep ice on it since it bothered him so much. I couldn't believe how much he talks in his sleep. One of the times he woke me up talking he said, "I'm so very tired." I thought, me too 'bout you be quiet and we'll both get some sleep! Most of the burned area has opened and scabbed over so we're working on keeping it from getting infected.

As I said, next week is going to be really busy. I have some cake orders and some other orders (won't say what in case the person who is supposed to be surprised is reading this!), Philip is going to be in revival next week in Dayton, the Newport Aquarium is having their Homeschool days and it's our church fall picnic and pastor appreciation next Saturday, Oh, and the huge consignment sale that I'm a seller at is taking place next Saturday also. Sometime between now and then I need to get my stuff together and labeled. If anyone is interested here's the info:

Once and Again Kid's Sale
Saturday October 17, 2009
8am-12pm (hint, if you want anywhere near the front of the line you need to be there no later than 7:20)
Mason United Methodist Church
3615 S Mason-Montgomery Rd.

So that's the news from Lake Wobegone for this week! Where the man is tired, the woman is tired, and the children are very average! Good-night.


Nancy said...

woohoo! I'm excited for the sale too. Wish we could get together and have a big "pricing bee"! LOL! I really need to get serious about organizing and pricing my stuff. I keep hoping the temps don't dip any further..Lauren needs a winter coat and the boys need jackets. We're tryin' to hang in there!! Are you volunteering at all?

Marianne Brown said...

I was SO wanting to volunteer this year so I could shop Friday evening but Philip is in revival all this week. I don't want to have to spend money on a babysitter that would take up all my profit from the sale. :o( Hopefully next year. I hope when I go through my boxes this week to pull for the sale that I'll get an idea of what they need that way I can stock up. Sure hope it isn't raining Saturday morning! :o)