Friday, October 02, 2009

Kentucky Wool Festival

The boys, Gramme and I went to the Kentucky Wool Festival in Falmouth this morning/early afternoon. It rained really hard last night and this morning so the grounds were very muddy but by noon the sun was out and it turned out to be a wonderful day. The boys enjoyed petting/feeding all the different animals, seeing a sheep shearing (Allan and Daniel thought the sheep looked horrible after they were finished), petting more animals, riding horses, seeing an enclosed bee hive, cotton candy, and popper guns.

There is so much to see but with little children who don't have much knowledge to rely on there's plenty of things that we didn't linger to look at. Blacksmithing, soap and candle making, basket weaving, making sorghum, crafts and knick knacks, goat milking, wool spinning, etc. The prices on the food weren't as bad as I had thought they might be....but my boys still wanted hot dogs and cotton candy! Stephen enjoyed himself but was wearing of riding in the stroller. Now that he's more mobile he's not content to be in one place very long. If it had been nice I could have let him crawl/walk around but the mud hindered that.

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David and Sarah Fry said...

Sounds like our kind of fun day! I skipped the field trip to the corn maze/farm/pumpkin patch today. The kids and David came home with lots of fun new information about how pumpkins grow, etc. I feel good to have accomplished some projects, but am sad that I missed it!