Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Catching up

When my hard drive crashed I got a much needed respite from the burdens of technology. But now I need to do some catching up so the next few posts might be a bit sketchy.

Here are some random cakes I worked on in the past month. This one was for a "Bird's Nest" themed baby shower. The poor little blue bird shows that I'm not sculptor! She weighed so much (I made her out of fondant) that she smashed her nest overnight! It actually was one of those cakes that I had such high hopes for but fell short of my expectations. I learned some valuable lessons though that I hope will prove beneficial in the future.

This was a pirate ship birthday cake for a young man in our church. For whatever reason the front half started splitting and I was afraid it was going to look like the Titanic before we got it delivered but with a little patching it turned out okay. Fun cake!

And it looks like I neglected to take pictures of the GBS homecoming cakes and the one I did today. In there too I made petit fours. They were almond with almond filling. Those little buggers took forever to make, they turned out looking horrid and the one I tried tasted awful. But it seems the recipient was more impressed than I was so that's what counts I guess. So that's the update on cakes.

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LadyAnne said...

For the record, I think the petit fours were incredible. Very pretty, (I liked the blue) very tasty, (A very true-to-form, classic Petit four taste) and certainly never worth the effort of making, even if they are amazingly addictive. But I was very, very impressed. (And I am a bit of a pro at them, they are a hobby/addiction of mine.) I've tried a lot of different kinds... but yours are the best I've had in a really long time. Thanks again!