Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We went to PA this year for Thanksgiving to visit my family. All of my siblings and their families were there and we had a wonderful time. We arrived late Wednesday evening and then all of us were together on Thanksgiving day and also some of my mom's family came so we had a full house (20 total). Grandma Miller was unable to come due to illness and we sure missed her!

Taking naps on the way there.

My brother, David, his wife, April and my sister, Jennifer.

My sister, Jennifer, her husband, Justin and Allan.

My brother, Jonathan, his son, Tyler, and his wife, Tonya.

My aunt Elizabeth and Uncle Jeff (my mom's brother)Miller.

My cousin Brandon Jones (his mother, Carol, is my mom's sister) and his girlfriend, Kelly. Brandon lives here in Cincinnati now.

My uncle Mel and aunt MaryLou (my mom's sister) Modzel.

Facing the camera are my cousins Andrew and Hope Miller (my uncle Jeff's children) and my aunt Miriam and uncle Dave (my mom's brother) Miller.

Facing the camera is Christian (my aunt Miriam's nephew who is living with them), my cousins, Jessi and Jason Miller (my uncle David's children).

Tables decorated and ready to go. My folks have a wonderful finished basement downstairs that worked great for hosting such a large crowd.

Jessi and Elizabeth planning what food goes at what spot.

Uncle Jeff helping with food preparation.

Visiting before the meal.

We had a great time! With mom's health so uncertain from year to year we're thankful for all of the times we're able to be together as a family. There is much to be thankful for.


Faithe said...

What great pictures!! It makes me even more sorry that we couldn't make it while you all were home. We were SO busy getting Joel and April's house ready to move into, but I thought SO MUCH about all of you and wanted desperately to see you. Hopefully the next time it will work out.
Thanks for sharing these great memories with us!

David & April said...

We sure miss you guys!! I need to get all my pictures posted! I've been sick since you all left and then our computer went kerflewy (made that word up!) so hopefully I can find time to get my blog updated!

Anonymous said...