Sunday, January 31, 2010


The last day of January already! This month I spent quite a bit of time assessing where I am as a person: physically, spiritually, as a mother and wife and writing up some goals for the coming year. Most of the goals I set this year were spiritual. I've learned that if I keep that area of my life on track and nurture my relationship with God, pretty much all the rest of my life falls in order. So though it's been a busy month, it's not been unreasonably so...until this week.

The week started well enough. We had a huge answer to prayer on Tuesday for a family that we had been praying for. The boys were so excited and it was a faith booster. That evening we had some friends over and had a very profitable conversation on prayer.

Wednesday things started getting a little hairy. They found that my mom has a blood clot in one of her lungs which ordinarily would cause concern but with all the other complicating factors she has going on it certainly isn't anything to take lightly. Wednesday afternoon Stephen started feeling feverish and that lasted the rest of the day.

Thursday started well but about noon Stephen was running a fever again. This pattern has continued through today so I have a feeling we're in for a Dr's appointment tomorrow. The fever gets a little too high (103.8) and has lasted a little too long for my comfort. That evening somehow he and Daniel collided heads and Stephen got knocked out. Perhaps a small concussion ...whatever it was scared us pretty good. We checked on him periodically until about 11:00 that night and he seemed to be fine and was back to normal by Friday morning.

At breakfast Friday morning Daniel leaned over to make a face at Stephen and Stephen reached out and poked him in the eye. To make a long story short, we took him to Urgent Care in the afternoon to find that he had a vertical cornial abrasion so that required an antibiotic and patch.

Saturday I was vacuuming downstairs and all of the sudden lost power. Philip's home office and the guest room are on the same breaker so I flipped it but nothing happened. It's been determined that the breaker/fuse is fine but something has happened somewhere else.

I'm really hoping for an uneventful week! I have one cake order this week and then we're getting ready to fly to Florida on Thursday as a family. Philip is to speak at Hobe Sound Camp this year so the boys and I are going to be with him for part of the time.

For those of you who have nothing else to can pray for us this week. I'm specifically asking the Lord for four things:
1. That every member of our family be well for the trip and the duration of our stay
2. That we have a safe, enjoyable trip
3. That we have enough down time this week so that we can be rested, organized, and prepared so that the previous two can happen.
4. That camp will be beneficial to our family. Pray for Philip as he speaks.

I made some goals for blogging this year also and I hope to share those when I get back.


David & April said...

Praying for a safe trip to Florida!! Poor boys! You all have really had a bad week! And I love that Daniel has a side order of binoculars on his plate! :) Have fun in Florida!

Brenda said...

Mercy! What a list of events! Hope Daniel's eye is better soon and that you all have a great time in FL!

Faithe said...

Will be praying...and looking forward to seeing you in Hobe Sound.

I LOVE YOU said...


The Dickinsons said...

Wow! You had a very eventful week...with some scary things! Sorry! I trust that y'all had a great trip to FL and a good camp. I got to watch 2 of the services on line (from here in Bogota) but then we didn't have internet for several days, so didn't get to see the rest. Thankfully I should be able to go back to the Archives and catch the services I missed.

Have a super day in Jesus!

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