Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Best

The flurry of blogging this morning was made possible by my husband. Today is my monthly "day off". Anyone reading this who has children knows how important it is at time to just step away from the 24/7 flurry of endless work to refocus and gain perspective to continue fulfilling the demands of motherhood. These days have been such a boost to my overall ability to fulfill my responsibilities of being a Christian, wife, and mother. Sometimes I just sit in a parking lot for several hours and enjoy the absolute quietness (and get a nap). Other times I use the day to cull expired coupons and clip/file things I've gotten behind on. Sometimes I go shopping (which is one of my least exciting things to do) if there's something I know I need to be looking for ...usually clothes for Philip or the boys. Since I was able to rest in FL I don't feel the need for total down time so today is going to be a combination of activities. I arrived here at Florance Panera Bread at 7:15. I've balanced my checkbook, taken care of some pressing items, have done some research on things I've needed information on, blogged, eaten too many carbs (Days like today call for comfort food), watched some snow flurries, enjoyed the classical music, made shopping lists for CVS and Kroger and pulled the coupons. It's a little after 11:00 and I'm soon going to JoAnne's to see about skirt patterns. Since losing 25 lbs since last summer I'm needing to find some new skirts to go with the tops I wore last year but think it would be easier to make them. I'm going to stop by Once Upon a Child to see if I can find any jeans for Daniel and Allan since they rip out the knees fairly frequently. On to JC Penney to see if there are any good sales on some things Philip needs and Christopher and Banks to check out the spring selection. Then somewhere quiet to finish my time off by asking God for wisdom and strength to tackle the next month. And to thank Him for sending me a husband who cares about my well being and gives me these days to recharge. For whatever reason these days mean more to me than flowers or cards. Perhaps because I know it requires sacrifice on his part of taking care of three boys for the day. Saturdays are the days he uses to prepare for the coming week and I certainly don't take his sacrifice lightly. Have I mentioned that I have the perfect husband? Not perfect for anyone else but exactly what God intended for me. Thank you sweetheart! I'm glad to be on your team!


skier1998 said...

Hey - miss seeing you around but so nice to catch up with you via your blog. I love the idea of one day off a month. No cooking. No cleaning. Quiet. I may have to share this brilliant idea with Matt. ;-) Glad you have recharged your batteries for another month. Take care.

Liz said...

Hmmm . . . my wonderful husband gives me a couple hours a week, which is a great blessing, but saving all those hours and cashing in on a whole day might be a good idea. We are truly blessed, aren't we? So nice to catch up!

Faithe said...

You indeed are blessed to have "your perfect husband" and I'm sure you look forward to your day of re-charging. Mommies with 3 active little boys definitely need some down time!!

Puppycruiser said...

Hey! Maryanne, I just read your blog about needing to get more pants for your boys. Have you heard about the kids vantage club at Sears? I use this all the time for all my boys (I have 4 now). As soon as they get a hole in them, just take them back (no receipt required) and exchange them for a new pair. They have to be the same size, but I just hang onto them and pass them down. It's a great way to save $! I wait for the pants to go on sale and then buy several pairs at one time.

David and Sarah Fry said...

Oh yes. It's not a just a luxury...I've been thinking so much lately about Christ's own "coming away."
When I am tempted to feel guilty for needing away time to declutter my mind and refresh my soul, I think about how He set the example.

It is a sacrifice for our men. But in the end they're happier cuz we're happier, right?! With comps right around the corner, we have been struggling to find even a weekly time when I can buy groceries without hauling the kids. I really love this monthly idea. Maybe after comps....! (Is Phillip going to start getting hate mail from all of our husbands?) :-)

Enjoyed catching up a little tonight. Your florida trip looked wonderful.


Anonymous said...