Saturday, March 13, 2010

Birthday #39

Philip celebrated his 39th birthday yesterday! It turned out to be a good day in spite of a sick boy, rainy day and stuffy-nosed wife :o) We celebrated small scale at home since Stephen is not be be around people for another 24 hours. We ordered pizza from Papa John's (taking advantage of their $10 large pizzas - one meat pizza will feed all of us) and had a special dessert. Mom Brown gave me these really neat special glasses some time ago and periodically I make a special dessert to go in them. Yesterday I just layered chocolate pudding, whipped cream and raspberries in them. They were yummy!

And then the neatest thing happened. A box arrived from Zondervan which had the new Reader's Greek and Hebrew Bible author copies in them! That was exciting and a very nice birthday present! I think they're expecting to start shipping them on April 1st. The pre-sales have been pretty amazing and I hope the trend continues :o)