Sunday, April 25, 2010

Daniel's Doings

Daniel made his first trip to the dentist last week. He really enjoyed getting to wear sunglasses to keep the examination light out of his eyes and thought the chairs that went back and forth were so cool. The dentist says he has all the teeth he should have and they are in good shape!

Two weeks ago Daniel got his finger smashed in the bathroom door....and I do mean smashed. It didn't burst the skin but it did bleed out all around his fingernail. Within a few days we could tell that he was going to loose the fingernail. He thought that was really great since the same thing happened to his pappy Slagenweit last year. So he's been very proud of his ugly looking fingernail and I caught him going so far as to cram chocolate cake crumbs underneath the nail so it "would be black like Pappy's!" After that incident I told Philip that I really needed to cut the dead away so that it wouldn't get infected with all the debris that kids collect under their fingernails. After much discussion I set to the tast last night and he now has very little fingernail left. I debated about removing something that was meant to protect but the infection factor was my main concern. My guess is it will take awhile before he gets another fingernail and hopefully nothing happens to it before then.