Sunday, April 11, 2010


My mother was able to find the boys matching suits this year and they looked so handsome. That was one of the things I remember growing up about Easter; we always got a new dress. Sometimes bought, sometimes my mom made them (those were usually my favorite).

Stephen looked so cute!

Daniel must be related to this boy!

Allan looked sharp!

With my three sons...

Our family...I think we've reached the stage where it's going to be next to impossible to have everyone looking in the right direction with a smile all at the same time :o)

We had a lovely day with family celebrating Christ's resurrection.


Sherry said...

oh how wonderful! Your triplets look reallllly cute! Guess what? when u mentioned about having new clothes for Easter, it reminded me of myself when i was growing up..but mum only sewed my dress!We would usually get one for Christmas and she would tell us to the other for Easter. Ahh! sure brings back good old memories!

Anonymous said...