Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Too Good :o)

I'd like to do more on this blog about living simply and frugally but time just hasn't allowed for it. But this morning's run to CVS was too good! Picture of what I purchased:

Transaction #1
Bayer Breeze 2 Glucose Monitor
- Sale $19.99 - $10.00 coupon + $15 Extra Care Bucks= FREE plus $5.00 overage after coupon and extra care bucks
Kotex U Liners
- Sale $4.99 - $1.00 coupon + 4.99 Extra Care Bucks = Free plus $1.00 overage after coupon and extra care bucks.
Since extra care bucks don't print until AFTER your purchase is made I used $10 in extra care bucks that I'd received from doing a survey several weeks ago that I'd received by e-mail. So I paid $4.18 out of pocket (with tax) and received $19.99 back in Extra Care bucks.

Transaction #2
Right Guard Deoderant - purchased 2
-Sale $2.49 - $3/2 coupon + $4.00 Extra Care Bucks = Free plus $2.02 overage after coupon and extra care bucks
Crest Pro health Toothpaste
- Sale $3.50 - $.75 coupon + $3.50 Extra Care Bucks = Free plus $.75 overage after coupon and extra care bucks
Huggies Diapers size 3
- Sale 8.49 - $1.50 coupon + $2.00 Extra Care Bucks = $4.99 after coupons and extra care bucks
Huggies Wipes (not a good deal but I needed them and didn't want to run to Walmart)
- 3.49 - $.50 = $2.99

I wasn't paying attention (because the flyer said that Right Guard was on sale for $2.99 and I'd figured my transactions on that price) and when I gave them my $15 in extra care bucks from transaction #1 it wouldn't take it because my total was only $14.71. So I picked up a pack of gum for the boys! My total out of pocket was $2.03 and I received $9.50 in Extra Care bucks back. Combined with my previous transaction and my quarterly rewards I now have $14.99 extra care bucks to work with on my next transaction. Whooo hooooo!

Clarification - No one in my family is diabetic but several times each year they have glucose monitors for free or more than free with coupons and extra care bucks. I always get them and then pass them off to medical mission teams or missionaries.

Clarification #2 - does this happen every week? Absolutely not! but I have found there are many items that you don't ever have to pay for (like toothpaste) and many things you can get for free or less than $.50/package (like feminine products).

Some day when I have more time I'd like to blog more on this subject but we'll have to see how things go. :o)


Anonymous said...

I love getting good deals. If you have facebook..You can become a fan of thethriftymama and they post coupons for stuff all the time and you can get some good deals. I have only been a fan for a few weeks and I have gotten a bag of chips, cereal, flower seeds, bic ink pens, 8 X 10 photo, and a can of vegetables for all free.

Charity said...

Good for you! Love CVS!

Linda said...

I love the idea for Glucose Monitors! I have seen them several times for free, but never had a use for I do! Thank you!!