Sunday, April 10, 2011

Allan Turns Seven!

Allan turned seven on Thursday! Since he was in school, we needed to make a treat for his classmates. I used an idea from a friend and made frog cupcakes. They actually turned out quite cute (except the ones with red eyes looked rabid and the yellow eyed ones looked anemic). 

Later that evening we celebrated his birthday supper (pepperoni and mushroom pizza, Doritos, and pop)with friends. He got a bike and a pocket knife - he's working on learning to ride his bike and got his first pocket knife cut on Friday! I can't believe I'm the mother of a seven year old! The other evening he acted hesitant about giving me a good night kiss and so I figured it was time to tell him that if he was uncomfortable that was normal and he didn't have to kiss me. He looked at me shocked and said, "I'll never be embarrassed to kiss you!" I hope that's true. We're so blessed to have this young man in our family.

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