Monday, May 16, 2011


Something I can't remember the name of.

This post is for my mom :o) I've been trying to find a greenhouse in Cincinnati that's comparable to what I was used to in Pennsylvania. Nobody does greenhouses better than the Mennonites in Martinsburg! But alas, I'm not willing to pay what the greenhouses around here are asking for pitiful, slim pickings. After putting out a request on Facebook I got some ideas and followed up on some of them. Some were successful and others weren't. I was very pleased to find Baeten's Nursery in Union, KY which is the closest thing I've found that I'm used to. Large selection of colors, large variety of plants, healthy, and reasonably priced (not cheap but reasonable). They have about 11 greenhouses that are full of all sorts of beautiful flowers. The only drawback was their system of display - aisles were very narrow and all the plants were on the floor except the hanging baskets - most of the hanging baskets were so low you had to duck to get around them. I'm used to plants being up (where children can't trip and go sprawling all over them....yes that did happen :o) and all the same types of plants being together. But in some cases there were the same types of plants (just perhaps different colors) in all 11 greenhouses. You had to remember which plant in what color was in which greenhouse...little unhandy but I'm comparing them to the best! Anyhow......for my mom's benefit -
Americana Light Pink Splash Geranium
A shot of all the different plants. I got several spike plants that I didn't take individual pictures of.
A dark pink Solenia Begonia planter I got for $16.99.
Bandana Lemon Zest Lantana
Pink Ruffle Double Impatiens
Purple Wave Petunias
Hmmmmm ..... I already uploaded this one :o(
Summer wave large Violet
Purple Stripe Double Impatiens
 Superbena Large Lilac Blue
 Sweet potato vine
Solenia Begonia Dusty Rose

Now I'm just waiting for some sun and warmer weather (hopefully towards the end of the week) so that I can put them together in baskets and plantings. So excited!

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Charity said...

We have a Segar's Garden Center here that sounds a lot like you describe. I got two of the Dusty Rose Begonias you showed last. I love them!!!