Monday, May 30, 2011


Note: Insomnia has driven me out of bed to do my "sleep Hygiene" and what I've been working on is putting labels on all of my doing this I discovered that I never posted So's the post...from May!

This is the time of year at GBSC that days become a blur! With finals, programs, awards, meetings, camp, graduation, assessment, last days of school, people and students mid June the whirling comes to a stop and there's a little chance to recover before the new school year begins! Here's just a synopsis of this month thus far -

Tornado - actually not here but in Alabama where Philip's brother lives, so we had family here for a few days while things were being cleaned up in their area and power was being restored. No pictures :o(

Braces - Sorry no pictures here either - someone paid for me to get them so I started that process and because they're Invisalign, there's nothing to see (only feel!) and actually they were very easy to adjust to. Every two weeks I switch aligners and that's a little uncomfortable for about 24 hours but no big deal and in 10-15 months I should have straight teeth :o) ...

Yard Sale - after 10 years of marriage we'd accumulated enough for a decent yard sale. I've learned two things - they're a lot of work and my street is not a good one to have a yard sale on. The GBS people were a great support but only four non-school people showed up and three of them were men. Even my whoopie pies didn't sell (though my boys were happy about that). So we'll try again in about two weeks in a different neighborhood in KY and see how well it goes.

Mother's Day - deserves a whole post of it's own.

This past week - with the great help of my neighbor, Rhoda Valentine and her son Nathaniel, I was able to get all of my garden planted this week. The only thing not in the ground is the okra and it has to wait until the first of June. I'm so excited about doing garden again this year! It was really wet so some of the soil didn't work up well at all but I needed to get it out so that I can rotate for fall crops. I also washed all the second floor windows and got the screens in since we had temps in the high 80's. That necessitated getting all the boys winter clothes put away and breaking out the summer items. Had some company for supper, went to the flea market to look for flowers, campmeeting was the latter part of the week, and all the other odds and ends that are necessary for running a household.

That's why, without further ado - I'm going to take my Sabbath rest and thoroughly enjoy it! Blogging about Mother's Day will be later!

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