Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Furniture!

This week was VBS at church so there wasn't a dull moment. And there were lots of other exciting things that happened also.

For some time we've been looking for a couch, love seat, and recliner for our living room. All of our furniture was donated and though we are so thankful for it, it was time to purchase something that meets our needs a little better. I sold all of it at our yard sale this past spring and we've been looking for new ever since. Furniture nowdays is just plain UGLY in my opinion - absolutely no character! We found this right off but upon praying about it got a definite "no". I was hoping for something that I liked the color and the style and finally decided that was expecting too much! Philip is the one who found this at a small store in Newport. The couch has a recliner on each end and so we decided to go with two couches (the cost of the love seat was not much less so we opted to get the second couch) and skip the recliner. I like the color and fabric even if not really the style I had hoped for.

The ugly pillow will soon disappear!

Then we've also been watching for a good sale on oak bookcases - they are NOT cheap. I also started watching Craigslist and hit upon an entertainment center that someone was trying to sell with two bookcases and they were willing to break up the set. So we picked them up last evening for a very good price! Love Craigslist!

We spent the morning taking a hike around Winton Woods lake and had an enjoyable time. Daniel took his Razor, Allan walked, and Stephen lagged so far behind he finally was able to hitch a ride.

We got to see lots of wildflowers and butterflies. I'm so thankful for the quiet joys of summertime!

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Tonya said...

Yeah for new furniture! My parents have the same style with the recliners on either end and they love it. (We love it too:) Love seeing all your pics! Keep them coming:) Love you!