Saturday, July 09, 2011

Our Story - Part Two

I finally made it through Bible school without finding a life partner (certainly not because there weren't enough chapel messages preached on the topic!) and in my era that meant you might as well embrace singlehood until a batch of widowers starting becoming available. It actually was a relief to know that singlehood would be my lot and I had big plans for "my life". My own trailer, my own dog, my own clothesline and teaching school somewhere in PA. Surely God would approve.

While traveling in a singing group my junior year of college, we had some time to kill in South Carolina and toured Bob Jones University. I had some familiarity with the University because my mom had used their curriculum while homeschooling my siblings and me. I thoroughly enjoyed our tour and picked up some information and we moved on to Easley, SC for our evening service. This would be the second time that I'd meet Philip. I remember where he sat (right hand side, three seats back on the aisle - in case you wondered). "So that's the Brown boy." was the extent of my thoughts and impressions at that time.

After that tour was over and some time had passed, several situations came to bear in my life that made it clear it was going to be necessary for me to further my education if I were going to be prepared to do what I believed God had called me to do. Because of the degree I was going to be receiving it was doubtful that I'd be able to go on to graduate school but the thoughts of doing another bachelor's was disheartening. I looked through the information again from Bob Jones and chose a Master's degree for which I met the prerequisites and went ahead and applied asking God to perform a miracle.....and He did! (though it would turn out later that my acceptance had been a mistake - since I was already earning credits, they allowed me to continue based on my performance - another story for another time).

And so it was that I found myself stopping in Greenville, SC with my sister and father on the way to Hobe Sound (where my sister would be returning to school), to meet with Teresa Armstrong (who is the head of Interior Design at Bob Jones and a member of the Easley Bible Methodist Church), and try to get her help in finding a place to live.

Teresa is such a gracious, Southern lady and I left her office so excited about what was about to take place in my life and ecstatic that God was leading me into a dream I never thought would become reality. I loved Bob Jones and all the opportunities that it held and I was planning on attending the Easley Bible Methodist Church which at the time was pastored by Bro. John Parker.  I had to pinch myself to keep seeing if it was really happening! Teresa promised to keep her ear and eyes open for a place off campus for me to live and said she'd be in touch. You would have to know Teresa to appreciate this part but I learned later that when she got home that night she said to her husband, "I've met the perfect wife for Philip Brown!" To which he replied, "Teresa, you keep your mouth shut!"


William K. Brown II said...

I do know Teresa and David and therefore am still laughing. By the way, your loyal readers want this story to roll out faster! :))

William K. Brown II said...

I do know Teresa and David and therefore am still laughing. By the way, your loyal readers want this story to roll out faster! :))

sarahmfry said...

Enjoying your story!

Regina said...

I even remember that he played his trumpet that night at Easley! How did that not just sweep you right off your feet??:)