Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Dear Daniel!

Daniel is 5 years old today! What a blessing this stocky little guy has been to our family - always careening from pillar to post and regularly giving us heart-attacks but full of a giving, caring spirit. Happy 5th Birthday Daniel Mark Brown!

His birthday meal of choice dogs and Doritos! Whatever! His request for a cake was, "I want a knight cake." So after finding some knights on horses at the dollar store (which I let them play with and COULD NOT find but one to put on the cake), and googling "make castle out of cereal boxes" I came up with this idea and went to work! The castle was actually quite easy, very cheap (other than the textured paint I used!) and he'll be able to play with it again. Today he starting dreaming about having a dragon, hanging from the ceiling that would swoop down over the castle breathing fire....but I draw the line with things hanging from the ceiling!

When we were reminiscing this morning about his birth I said, "Grandma and Pappy were here five years ago today." And Daniel said, "yeah, I remember that!" Grandma Slagenweit actually was in the room when he was born and cut his cord! He was a week overdue so they induced - I don't think I could have gotten any bigger or had him drop any lower! (I was never one of those "dainty pregnant" women)

And here we thought after he arrived our little family was complete! Surprise :o)


Charity said...

Yay for birthdays!!! And Yay for sweet Daniel!! I can't believe he's already 5! Love the castle- too cute.

Patty said...

That castle is fantastic!!!

Happy Birthday Daniel!