Tuesday, September 06, 2011

No Story - Just Life

I'm taking a break from working on these:

to brew a cup of tea since I'm running a fever from some kind of allergy induced sinus infection. And when that's done I'll tackle another batch of Lima beans that were picked yesterday or hem a pair of tuxedo pants for a wedding Saturday. When that's finished I'll check Allan's remaining English exercises and prepare school lessons for tomorrow. What I really want to do is sleep! But that's for people who are not mommies. I really will finish the story - all the pictures are scanned and most of the text is written - I just need to find a slot to put it all together. Just in case you're wondering where the next installment is.


Juwah said...

I remember in a college chapel service Dr. Whittaker once said, "Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is sleep." I loved that then and now. :) However, what I didn't know then was the truth of your statement, sleep is not for mommies. Someday, we will get to do crazy things like nap or sit on a porch swing and lazily read a book! Just hold on sister! :)

Robert Pattinson said...

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