Monday, October 10, 2011

Stephen Turns Three

This past week we had another birthday in our family! Stephen is now free (three). Although we had to work some time to get him to understand the concept. He's been two for so long that he automatically responds, "two" when asked, if asked again he would say "five" since that's what Daniel turned two weeks ago. I think it's finally beginning to sink in.

We celebrated by having cake and ice cream at Pop pop and Gramme's house. He enjoyed his fire truck cake (which mommy convinced him was better than the shark cake- shark cake seemed too scary/boring to me!) 

He's not excited or anything!

Can my little guy be three?! The days pass so swiftly and I wish they'd slow down sometimes. Every stage has it's joys and challenges. May God help me to savor the little things because someday I'll realize those were the important things. Happy Birthday "Stephen Saniel Bown"!

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knightfirstlady said...

Can't believe he's already three! Where does the time go??!!! Ours are 6 and soon-to-be 4 in Nov. I have no babies anymore! Keep soaking up the little moments! Sharon