Monday, January 30, 2012

Enjoying "Normal"

Sorry....this was written last week and I didn't get it posted.............

We've spent the past four weeks getting into a routine of homeschooling again....and it's been wonderful! Last semester with everything going on it seemed that we couldn't get 5 days in a row anywhere which made it difficult to create momentum that keeps the pace going. It felt all choppy and clunky. But this month has been different and I'm so thankful.

Our days are spent on "school" from 8:30 -1:30ish (at least for Allan) and then the afternoons are spent doing housekeeping and cooking (for me) and chores and quiet time (for the boys). The evenings have been free to read aloud, play games together and leisurely prepare for the next day. The only thing that could make it better would be snow.

On the days that it's not raining and has been warmer the boys have gotten out their roller blades and have enjoyed riding around various parking lots. Philip and I used some Christmas money that was given to us and bought ourselves pairs that way we can go with the boys. It had been 13 years since I'd been on roller blades and it wasn't pretty! The neighbor lady came out and asked if I'd like to borrow a pair of padded ski pants. Whew! With practice it's getting better and hopefully by spring will be much less painful. Philip on the other hand had never roller bladed before and this was his first "run"...... probably had something to do with him watching some tutorials online before he started.

Last Friday night we had a small ice storm and the boys enjoyed playing on a downed tree. We had been out at my in-laws and left just as it began raining. By the time we got to the big Mac bridge there were 6 cars involved in 3 separate accidents and as we skirted one set of cars the policeman was yelling that the bridge needed to be closed down so we made it home just in time. Our church was cancelled Sunday morning due to the ice so we had a nice day of rest.

I heard the boys having a high old time this week while I was doing some computer work and when I came downstairs I found out that we've progressed from repelling off the staircase to swinging. I would post a video...but it's too scary!

This is also our time of year for yearly physicals. So there have been plenty of visits to doctors, blood work, medications, MRI's, and ultrasounds. The good news is that everybody is pretty healthy right now. Two of our guys have allergy problems and eczema during the winter but nothing that isn't easily cared for. I'm very thankful for healthy children and don't take it for granted. Daniel was not impressed to have three shots this round!

This next week looks to be busy with Philip in revival this weekend, and the last of the Dr. visits and tests.

Life is never boring and I'm thankful that we're now going at a bit slower pace.


Charity said...

Don't forget, Nathan and Phil ice-skated in China. Nathan's still decent on the ice, and I hear rollerblading is similar. In other words, he's had secret practice ;o)

knightfirstlady said...

That's soooo not right on the blades! I can't believe he never once stumbled or went down or anything! Must be nice!