Sunday, January 01, 2012

Our Week

The last week of 2011 was such a nice restful time. (Other than the screw swallowing episode....but that also meant Stephen couldn't go for an MRI which cut out an activity in the week - there's always a bright side to every down side).

On Tuesday of this week we opened our gifts and it was also our "Birthday meal" for Jesus. This year the boys thought Jesus would like fried fish, shrimp (never mind that Jesus wouldn't have eaten this since they were forbidden - no fins or scales), baked sweet potatoes with cinnamon butter and the special cake roll that they've come to dub "Jesus' birthday cake". So that's what we did!

Wednesday was my "Day Off" for planning and setting goals for the coming year. I find it very necessary as the mother of "littles" to step away periodically, refocus and set some manageable goals. This is so helpful in preventing the "river of life" washing away time that had no set agenda. It's a breath of air to my soul to take my Bible and a hymn book and spend time asking God what He wants me to be doing in this span of time I've been blessed with (even had some blogging goals in there :o). How wonderful to pour out my heart to my Best Friend and know His grace is going to be there for me this year! This year may be traumatic or tranquil, "good" or "bad", but whatever it might bring I hope the end of this year finds me closer to Him than I've ever been.

The boys have been wanting chicken pox very badly! Enough that Stephen has used marker several times to put "dots" on himself and then tell me he has them. So if anyone reading this is anywhere near us and you know of anyone who has the virus.....we need to have a playdate! 

We dog sat this week and I learned that city dogs.....are a LOT of work!

The funniest thing I heard this week was one morning as I was combing my hair Stephen came into the bathroom and said, "Mommy, I need some dee-roe-derant for my armpits!" It sounded serious so I gave him some.

The most special thing to happen this week was on Friday during Family night. We had eaten our pizza, played a few games of Uno and then decided to watch Milltown Pride  (which has a strong salvation message) which I had purchased for Philip for Christmas. About three fourths the way through we took an intermission and when I walked back into the living room Daniel walked out of the kitchen crying. He came over and threw his arms around me and when I asked him what was wrong he said, "I just asked Jesus to forgive me of my sins." Daniel has always been our most tender child but for whatever reason never had taken the step of, on his own, asking God to forgive him. So it was with great joy we celebrated his commitment to serve Christ. Now discipleship advances to a new level - what to do when you're tempted (being a Christian doesn't mean you'll not be tempted, Jesus was tempted and He was perfect), what to do when you sin (we don't have to sin because God gives us the grace to do what is right, but if we do sin "we have an advocate with the Father"), what this means (repentance means stop doing what you know is wrong and do what you know is right), and all the other guiding and shaping processes that will help him to mature and grow into the boy God's created him to be. These are the moments that make all the work of parenting, disciplining, discipling,  training, leading and modeling  worth every minute of investment! "I have no greater joy than to hear my children walk in truth"  III John 1:4

So that was our week....the one coming up is going to be back to school (for all members of the family) and in general getting back into the routine of "early to bed, early to rise" since that gets messed up on vacations! Blessings on each of you in this coming week.


Charity said...

Love this post, Marianne! Tell Daniel that Uncle Nathan and Aunt Charity are soooo proud of him for deciding to follow Jesus! What a blessing he is to all of us. Now he and Allan can encourage each other in doing what is right, and they can be increasingly good models for Stephen, as well. You go, Daniel!!!! Yay!!!

Marianne Brown said...

Charity, Passed this on to Daniel....he's pretty private about decisions like that but when we asked him what he told God he said, "I prayed the prayer the man prayed" which was a prayer of repentance. I followed that up the next day with, "Does this mean you'll never be tempted to do wrong?, Does this mean you'll never get a spanking again? What are you going to do when you do wrong?" etc. And so far he's been a different little boy (which was what we also observed with Allan) which is just amazing as a parent to see God's grace at work! BTW: I got your note and clipping yesterday. Was good to be with you guys as well! Blessings!