Thursday, April 26, 2012

Snakes and Cute Boys

Allan lost another tooth yesterday -this time it was on the top so it really shows. He looks so adorable! I don't tell him that though....I also think it's cute that my boys are getting freckles - particularly Daniel - but I don't tell them that either. Their daddy had freckles as a boy so they get them honestly.

The other day the boys were eating "cuties" (clementines) and I told Daniel that he was a cutie. He said, "yes I'm a cootie." His daddy said, "The girls probably think so!" to which he replied, "please don't tell them!" There are sometimes the things they say just about make you split the gut (some of which can't be posted here!) and I have the opportunity to appreciate again, the innocence of childhood.

It's the end of April - we've mowed our yard 5 times and the snakes are on the move. Did you know that you can actually see snakes enough that instead of creeping you out, they make you mad?! This is ridiculous!  The boys killed 5 last week alone and that brings the total to 9 this year. At $1 per snake - I'm going to be broke before summer arrives.
The one pictured here bit Allan before they finished him off. I used to try to use the rationale "Snakes eat they are good for something." Until I learned that a small garden snake only needs to eat one mouse every 1-2 MONTHS to survive. Thanks, but I'd rather have a cat!

We've been enjoying spring (though not the sore throats and stuffy noses that come with it) and soon I'll post pictures of my garden. The rain last night beat my grapevines about to death and I lost a large branch (I knew I should have tied them up by now but I had the flu the beginning of the week and didn't get around to it.) We're done harvesting asparagus for this year, the strawberry bed is loaded, the onions and peas are popping up and it will be soon time to move my transplants outdoors. We also have apples on both of our trees this year and the blackberries have a lot of blooms coming out- it's exciting!

Maybe sometime soon I'll post about blowing my chances of winning the "Mother of the Year" award. Have you ever done something as a mother and think, "I can't believe that just happened?!" I'm serious.....if my boys make it to adulthood - it will be a miracle.


Charity said...

Very, very cute! Kathryn FINALLY lost her first tooth last week, and now another is loose (on the bottom). I keep telling her it's cute; she's not convinced. I think she thinks her beauty is just falling out of her head bit by bit ;o) Snakes- agh! I saw a family of copperheads at the zoo this week in a drainage area (NOT in a cage)- I'm sooo glad it's you, not me. Do you have any idea what's drawing them in? Lots of squirrel/rodents? Or just the open ground in the city? And as far as failing to be Mother of the Year, here's a quote for you: Kathryn last night said, "Mom, I love you no matter what. I love you even when you argue with dad (agh!), even though you have braces, EVEN IF YOU JUST HAD FALSE TEETH- I would still love you!" lol p.s. she thinks that anytime Nathan and I discuss opposing opinions, even calmly, is a 'fight'- even though Nathan has tried to tell her it's not. I try to be careful about that...

Making Memories 1999 said...

Snakes...aghhh! Before this year, I'd rarely seen a snake here in the country, where we live. But back in Feb. or March, I believe, I saw THREE slithering across our driveway, close to the road. That was very unusual!

Also, I understand about not receiving the "Mother of the Year" award!! LOL I wouldn't even be runner up! =) However, please, be encouraged... your boys will be just fine. I believe they have a Momma who loves Jesus and wants to please Him above all, and that makes the difference! =) Blessings!

Anonymous said...

Cute kids, makes me wish I was a dad, very adorable, I love kids, even when the annoy me, lol.