Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother Of The Year

Last year my parent's home church, New Columbia God's Missionary Church, honored my mom with the "Mother of the Year" award. These were the tributes we wrote to her that were read by my brother, David, at their Mother and Daughter Banquet. 

"Dear Mom, 
How to explain mom in a paragraph is like trying to turn the Titanic around in the Walmart parking's impossible, but I'll do my best. I remember as a fourth grader mom getting me the ultimate Christmas present...a skillet. It's rather tough to tell your friends at school that you got a skillet for Christmas when the rest of your friends are getting bikes and video games. however, mom taught me how to make eggs, bacon, French toast and pancakes because I wanted to learn to cook and I like breakfast. As most of you know, mom's culinary skills are exceptional, but that would only scratch the surface of mom. Her quiet strength in the worst of circumstances., her devotion to God when things go wrong, and her unquenchable spirit are unmatched by any person I know! Mom, thank you for clothing yourself in righteousness rather than garments that will pass away, for allowing the grace of God to carry you where most people fear to tread, and for passing on a heritage and example of Godliness worth imitating. The writer of Proverbs must have known you when he wrote, "Many daughter have done nobly, But you excel them all." You are leaving a clear set of footprints that all can follow and know they are faithful steps. My life will forever be marked by your influence and example...I love you more than words can express!"

Your son,

"Dear Mom, 
I can say that to me, no one compares to you. You have taught me so much by your words, your faith and by your example. With everything you've been through, it shows everyone the kind of determination you have. The fact that you still take time to put others first, continue to have unwavering faith, that even when you feel so bad you still wonder how I am and how my day was. 

You have taken the time since I've been married to not only include April, but to spend time with her, teach her to cook (thank you!), talk with her and lead her by your example also. I pray she is the kind of Mother to my daughter that you have been to us. You have no idea how much you have impacted our lives and I will be forever grateful. I don't know how else to put into words what you mean to me!! Other than simply, I love you!!!"

Love Always,

"Dear Mom, 
If I had to put into several words what sums you up as a person I would have to say: faithfulness, strength, love, tenderness. you have been an example over the years of everything a woman and Mom should be. You have always embodied the Proverbs 31 woman in my eyes. From my very earliest memories I can remember wanting to be a Mom, just like you. Since God has given me the desire of my heart and fulfilled that dream, I pray daily for the strength and wisdom you have always shown. Growing up we had our moments, but as the years have gone by you are not just my mom anymore, you are my best friend. You've been a willing shoulder to cry on, offered advice when asked for it, someone to laugh with over the funny and sometimes not so funny things in life, someone to confide in and someone who I know holds me up in prayer. You have always shown that you loved me, even when we didn't share the same viewpoint. 

Your quiet faith has been a huge blessing not just to me, but to all you come in contact with. God has asked you to walk a path that has been filled with rough patches and so such pain and yet you remain grounded as a Christian. What an amazing testimony to God's grace! Watching you allow God to mold you over the years has been such an inspiration to me. in spite of all you have gone through, you remain the same, steady loving person you were before this all started. you are my hero. Not just as a Mom and wife, but as a woman and a Christian. God created this journey that you are on specifically for you, an I am so very thankful He saw fit to let me be your daughter. I love you more than words can ever describe!"

Always your daughter, 

"Dear Mom,
When you were homeschooling us through high school you were the one that guided and critiqued our papers and speeches but they want this to be a surprise so I guess we’re on our own for this one!

Abraham Lincoln said, “All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” It is true that day after day your words and actions guided and molded our character into the people that we are today. Since becoming a mother myself, it has struck me how ungrateful and unaware I was of the incredible responsibility that was on your shoulders as our mother. Yet you took the challenge and gave us the skills and abilities we needed to become the adults we now are. Those lessons you taught and the example you set are woven into the people we are today. We are the product of your labors.

Much could be said about the person you are but there’s no way in a few short paragraphs to be able to begin to convey all the unique characteristics that have made you a hero in our eyes. I’ll forever be grateful for the lessons of sacrificial service, love for others, passion for loving life, commitment to your marriage and family, living a steady and stable life of commitment to God and His Word – all of these and hundreds more that you have taught and lived before us for years.

Tonight you’re being honored as being the “Mother of the Year” – but in my heart you’ve held that title for 34 years! And on this special occasion we “rise up and call you blessed.” I thank God for allowing me to call you “mom”.   I love you so very, very much!

Mom and Daniel - 2007
This time last year I stood at a Hallmark card display in Kroger and wept as I tried to find what I was pretty certain was going to be the last Mother's Day card that I would purchase for my mom. And this year as I passed that same display I couldn't help but breathe a prayer of thankfulness that I have a mother who left such a rich legacy. Oh yes, there's plenty of sadness and there will be many tears,  but focusing on the sadness not only isn't helpful, it robs life of the joy of the blessing that I was given by having such a mother. So this Mother's Day I will honor the memory of the woman that I was blessed to call "Mom".

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knightfirstlady said...

Wow! I got tears in my eyes reading this! I didn't know your mother well, but always appreciated what I did know and later learned from you about her! Please know you're all in my thoughts and prayers this Mother's Day! I know it will be hard but she's waiting up ahead for you! Love, Sharon