Sunday, June 10, 2012

Our month in pictures

Spring is such a busy time of year for us that it's next to impossible to blog about what's going on. The day after my last post (Mother's Day) Daniel fell out of a tree and lacerated his back. Over my years of being a mother I've developed nerves of steel in many areas, but not when the cut shows a white membrane-like structure. That has the tendency to turn my knees to jelly. Thanks to the wonderful care of Mrs. Janet Sankey and Ms. Sonja Vernon who cleaned, steri-stripped, and bandaged the spot, he's healing well though he will have a nice scar to show for his escapades.

Our strawberry bed did what I think was phenomenally well. We harvested about 8-10 gallons of strawberries off this little pyramid bed that we planted last year. They produced for about 2 1/2 weeks before I cut them back. I canned most of them into jam and then froze several containers for smoothies and ice cream later on in the year. Unfortunately, while rearranging my freezer the other day I forgot to put the strawberries back in the freezer and lost them all......I hate when I do things like that!

As an "end of the school year" field trip, I took the oldest two boys to their first Civil War reenactment. I didn't realize that Heritage Village here in Cincinnati does this every year. We had a grand time and felt like we just scratched the surface of this culture. Allan was very impressed with the hoop skirts and was glad to finally be able to see what one looked like in real life (after reading about Mabel and Sarah Jane's experience in Grandma's Attic).

These things are LOUD! I think my heart skipped a beat every time they went off.

Relaxing before the reenactment.

This couple were around all day and agreed to post for a picture.

One of the Union camps.

I kid you not - this is a journalist! He did nothing but take notes all day as he peered through his binoculars.

The boys enjoyed seeing the guns.

Allan in the jacket of a soldier who was responsible for firing the cannons (the significance of the red piping).

The flowers this year make me smile. I sure don't have the knack my mother did for putting things together but I enjoy the blooms none the less.

Over Memorial Day weekend we made a trip to Marion, OH for Philip to preach both services at Heritage Bible Church. I cannot tell you how much this trip refreshed our weary city spirits. We stayed in the Cressman home which is back a lane in the middle of a field. The boys swam and fished (caught nothing) in the pond and wondered around their six acres. It was quiet......blessedly quiet, and slow. There are times when you just have to get away from the noise, filth, and crampedness of the city. I told Philip it was like having a gentle breeze blow over my spirit and I didn't even know I needed it. What a blessing that time was - to rest and be with friends of like faith. The boys talk constantly about going back and I think we just might have to do that!
Their home is beautiful!

The day after this they actually jumped off into the water.

Mrs. Cressman helping Daniel onto the rope

And away he goes!

So much fun!

Unfortunately, my camera was dropped on Memorial day and so I have no pictures of this past week. My dad came three days after we got back to Cincinnati so that he could be here for Daniel's graduation last Friday evening. I'm hoping to post pictures as soon as I'm able to get them from the person who took some for me.

Oh, and the garden.....that deserves a post of it's own since that's what keeping me busy right now!

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