Tuesday, October 23, 2012

21 Days To a More Disciplined Life

Previously on this blog I've referenced Money Saving Mom's website for good money saving deals. But I also follow her blog for other reasons. Recently she did a series of blog posts on "21 Days To a More Disciplined Life"She is launching her new E-book by the same title today! And from today until October 26th she's offering the book for .99¢

I received a review copy last week and read it in an afternoon. So very exciting in many ways! The principles are very practical and manageable. From experience I know my home is much happier and more is accomplished when I have disciplined my time and attention to streamline processes, get rid of clutter, and little people know what to expect. The moment I begin to get haphazard, tension arises, productivity plummets, and eventually things unravel. Some people tend to be more disciplined than others but my experience has been that there's always at least one area in my life that can use help at any given time (usually - more than one!). 

This book is for those who have trouble focusing on the big picture then breaking down into manageable parts, the steps that it will take to conquer the mountain ahead. I will say that 21 days gets you started on the journey to a more disciplined life. Because I'm a homeschooling mom of three, and involved in both my own and my husband's ministry - I have to develop one habit at a time. That being said, the principles in the book are definitely worth applying if your life has any area that is undisciplined. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is looking for more order and less chaos in their life.

You'll also want to check on the entire website - she has free printables you'll want to take advantage of  to help you on this journey.

For the next four days only - the books is only .99¢!

Buy it now for .99¢

I did received this book for review and I am an affiliate for this book.

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sarahmfry said...

Bought the book...looks like it's going to be a good tool! And now I'm having to remind myself to be disciplined to work on my routines and today's very busy list instead of sitting here reading it on the cloud reader. : ) (Who said anything about discipline? haha)