Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Now I Know

In the 7th grade in public school, I had to take a test that would give the guidance counselors information to help them determine my areas of interest and strengths so that they could guide me in taking the classes and acquire the information I would need for my future career. When I was called into the office to go over the results of my test, they were a bit uncertain of how to "guide" me. I told them I wanted to be a missionary, perhaps a missionary pilot.  The results of my test? "Is mechanically minded but should not operate heavy equipment." I don't remember that the conversation was very helpful other than encouraging me to take a foreign language. But I do remember thinking, "Mechanically minded? How helpful is that to a girl?" It just hit me after coming through the Christmas season! God knew that I would have three boys and that I'd spend several years of my life reading Lego© manuals!


Laura said...

Love it! :)

Kathryn said...

See, God designed you just right. Now... come on down and help Alex with his. I wish he would put his little finished projects on shelves. No! We work 6 1/2 hours on a huge shuttle only to have him disassemble it the next day to make his own stuff. (The manual just gets followed ONCE)

Marianne Brown said...

God does know how to give us the gifts we'll need in the future. On, the manual is only to be followed once, after all - the manuals were built by adults who have a one track mind. The imagination is so much better that you have to make the necessary adjustments. The shelves just house the works in progress - all 29 of them currently. Hope you're having a good day!