Friday, February 01, 2013

A Time for Rest - Innkeeper Ministries

The outside of Eagle's Wing Manor

Some time ago we received a message here at GBS about a place created for those in full time ministry to get away for a "sabbath rest". The information we received was that it was totally free - you just had to make reservations. I'm very skeptical of "free" .......I've been to some wonderful places that give great discounts for ministry workers (Tuckaleechee Retreat Center supported by Children's Bible Ministries and Faith Mountain)  that have been such a blessing but I've never seen anything free that has interested me. But Philip and I had a few days after returning from PA before school started that he wanted to take a few days to try it out. After our weekend the only regret we had was that we only scheduled our selves to be there three days! It was fantastic! And totally free except for the food that you buy to prepare of any eating out. (They do have another location on the same property that supplies two meals a day that is also free).

Innkeeper Ministires was established by a businessman and his wife after feeling impressed to create a place for those in ministry to get away for awhile. We stayed at the Eagle's Wing Manor that has four suites, each  with a bedroom, bathroom, and a sitting room (which was larger than my living room). There is a common kitchen and dining room, library, recreation room in the basement all on 48 acres of country property about 30 minutes west of Dayton. Pictures don't do it justice but I'll try. Let's take a tour.

On this property are several ponds (and they have fishing gear all ready for you if you'd like to go fishing) lots of walking paths and areas to roam. In between the two main "inns" they have a small log chapel for prayer. It has electricity (and heaters) and is a place to just sit an meditate.
Outside entrance

It was decorated with a western theme.

At the front looking towards the entrance

The bridge over a small creek leading to the chapel.
Because of the amount of snow and our lack of boots we didn't do a lot of exploring outside.

These are the rooms in the house. I didn't take a picture of each room because some people had just left the morning we arrived and their room had not yet been serviced.
Our Bedroom

Our Bath

Our Sitting Room

Another section of the sitting room

The door from our sitting room leading to the dining area in the kitchen

The Fireplace in our sitting room.
The View from Our Bedroom
Here are some of the other bedrooms, bathrooms and sitting rooms.

Lots and lots of pillows!

Some other shots of around the house. Their integration of Scripture was everywhere!

Dining Room

This was the kitchen area which was stocked with snacks of all kinds, soda in the fridge and a Keurig .....all kinds of coffee, tea, hot chocolate. Just magnificent!

Everywhere you looked there was attention to detail. Details that people in ministry forfeit due to finances or lack of time. I don't miss those things (because they're just things and things take time that I don't have and money I don't have - I'd rather put my resources elsewhere) but......I sure enjoyed them.

The lace on my pillow - now how many times would that hold up in the wash or if a little boy grabbed that pillow for a pillow fight?!

Free.....totally free except the gas and food stuffs we bought. By the way, the kitchen is totally stocked with seasonings, implements (including a crockpot I used for our Sunday roast), everything you'd need to do just about anything - I don't even have that much stuff in my kitchen! 

It was just a wonderful place to relax. There were another couple there from Whales who were on a prayer retreat for two weeks and thought we didn't see much of them it was so interesting to hear of their ministry involvement and to share ours.

I don't know how Bob and Jan do it - keeping up the grounds and properties and seeing to their guests in a first class manner but they have a ministry that is so very necessary! May God bless them for their wonderful ministry of caring for weary travelers.


Sue said...

I happened to run across this post just shortly after you'd posted it, and I thought about the many times my husband has said, "I wish there was just somewhere we could get away and pray." We made reservations for April (we are there right now) and having such a restful time. God bless these folks! Thank you for sharing this.

Sue McElwain

Marianne Brown said...

Dear Mrs. McElwain,
I'm so glad you got to go and are having a much needed rest! Thanks for taking the time to let me know of your visit.