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Joy Dare - February

Due to being down with some type of bug for the past week and a half - all blogging was put on hold. So good to be up and at it again! 

Day 1 Gifts Red
94 Allan's red jacket as he plays in the snow
95 actually pink- the earbuds I use with my husband's I-pod to block out the obnoxious music at the gym.
96 the Valentine decorations that I looked up this afternoon

Day 2 Three Gifts of Paper
97 My memorize the Mount book - God knew I needed it this year
98 Books.....I don't even want to know the number of books we own.....a small fortune I believe!
99 My Timekeeper that allows me to record brain data and avoid an overload meltdown.

Day 3 Three Gifts Found in Writing
100 -The words to a Charles Wesley hymn found in a book printed in 1874
101 - the words my husband frequently e-mails me that encourage me in my wife and mother roles
102 - the writing projects my boys have been working on recently have brought much joy as I hear them sharing and writing ideas.

Day 4 Three Gifts Found When Bent Down 
103 - Legos - the clear ones can't be seen until you step on them but I'm so grateful that my boys have  imaginations that can spend hours creating with these little pieces of plasitc.
104  - the intricate design of the snowflakes that are falling around my feet
105- buttons and zippers, what would we do without them!
Allan and Stephen building a snowman with Nathaniel and Jonathan Valentine.

Day 5 - A Gift Stitched, Hammered, Woven
106- our last name crocheted as a wedding gift from a co-worker
107 - The pretty trim that was installed around the guest room windows.
108 - the only blanket we received as a wedding gift which has been on our bed for the past 11 years.

Day 6 - 3 Gifts Found Outside
109-  Our mini-van, a gift from God
110 - The white rocking chairs on the front porch
111 - The gas grill that was a gift from my parents one year for Christmas - I'll be thankful when warmer weather is here and I can use it again.

Day 7 - Gifts at 11:30, 2:30 and 6:30 
112 Homeschooling and finishing another school day
113 Beautiful weather for the boys to play outside
114 Family worship and laughing together.

Day 8 A gift broken, fixed, thrifted
115 - a little pitcher from my grandma that held a plant that has a broken handle - I have such good memories of my godly grandma.
116 - I can't think of anything I have right now that needs fixing or the numerous things that have been fixed in the past - Glad for the skills I learned from my dad to be able to fix things.
117 God gave me an almost new pair of black, dress, Hush Puppy Shoes for $15.00 when my last Hush Puppies (which I wore for almost 13 years) gave out.

Day 9 3 Surprise Gifts
118 - a lady at church gave me a pair of rubber boots for Stephen today
119 - I had an unexpected day with Daniel and Stephen by themselves we had a delightful time.
120 It always surprises me when I lay down at night at the many things that I manage to get accomplished - God is so good!

Day 10 3 Times I heard Laughter
121 - After church I listen to fellow believers share laughter as they greet each other - so thankful for a caring church family
122 - My boys laughing at a joke by Pop-pop at lunch time.
123  - My father-in-laws laughter that makes everyone else laugh around the table.

Day 11  3 Gifts in Working
124 - Today is Monday so it's laundry day in the Brown house I'm so thankful for: a washer
125 - a dryer
126  - pre-treatment that allows us to wear our clothes so much longer!

Day 12 3 Hard Eucharisteos  (3 Hard Gifts) 
127 The limitations that God has placed on me that force me to rely on Him instead of myself
128 The blessing of giving in ministry that empties me humanly and yet experiencing the refilling that comes only from Him.
129 The tiredness that accompanies these young years of intensive child-training that make me cry out to Him for wisdom, strength and perseverance. My MIL once told me that if there were only prayer that I could pray each day that it should be this - that God would give me the grace and strength to push back just one more time than my children push.

Love these young men!

Day 13 3 Gifts Behind a Door
130 - In my cupboard is a Christmas gift from my sister - Love this as a special treat!

131 - The medicines in the cabinet on the wall - so thankful that we don't need them often (other than Band-Aids) but that if we do need them, we have access to them.
132 - The folded towels and wash-clothes in my linen closet (that have been folded by some pretty special helpers)

Day 14 3 Ways you Feel the Love of God
133 - Contact with friends who are on this Journey with us who are God's hand extended
134 - Reading His Word!
135- The blessings and beauty that surround me as blessings from Him.

Day 15 A Gift In Losing, Finding, Making Something
136 - It's always such fun to put on an old skirt and "find" money in the pockets!
137 - I "found" some time to just sit and drink a cup of tea today - the quiet was nice
138  - I didn't make anything today - but yesterday we made cupcakes for Valentine's Day and I enjoyed "gifting" them.

Day 16 3 Gifts in Shadows
139 The safety my sons feel with a nightlight on.

Day 17 3 Gifts Found in Giving/Serving
142 Today is Sunday and to my shame, it's not a day that I give very much unless I'm hosting lunch for friends. but I did: wash dishes for my MIL
143 Help put lunch on the table - I'm blessed to have family so close that makes Sunday dinner so special.
144  Fixing the customary "egg sandwiches" for our Sunday evening supper.

Day 18 3 Gifts Found on Paper
145 Old classics like "Just David" that are just so enjoyable reads.
146 The blessings of having papers to grade, I love seeing my children's schoolwork and understanding exactly what they are doing.
147 Budgets that remind me I'm not an owner, only a steward.

Day 19 3 Gifts that were Plan "B" 
148 Part of living in the city is "losing" things periodically. Thought I wish they would keep their sticky fingers off, I'm thankful for insurance (This is radio #3 - we hadn't even had the last one long enough for me to learn to use it).
149 Stephen wasn't planned but we're so glad he is part of our family.
150 I don't suppose much of my life is what I had planned (which would be plan A) but God's given me so much better.

Day 20 Gifts at Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
151 The pancakes I had frozen last week so that I could just pop them in the toaster this morning.
152 The ability to eat in the cafeteria instead of cooking all our meals at home.
153 Pre-made meals when life gets hectic. I don't do this very often because they cost too much but not having to cook tonight tasted pretty good.

Day 21 3 Gifts of White
154 White wood blinds in the guest room
155 White quilt on the bed
156 LOVE - LOVE- LOVE Snow!

Day 22 3 Gifts that Changed Today
157 The gift of sickness that allowed me to rest.
158 I can't think of any other gifts that changed today - my husband picking up on some of my household chores so that I can rest.
159 Little people who have learned to discipline themselves so that school goes on even if mommy is sick.

Day 23 Gift of Tin, Glass, Wood
160 I hear Stephen playing on his Glockenspiel
161 Love our replacement windows
162 All of the bookcases that we own (too many!)

Day 24 3 Gifts Before 11AM
163 Internet church services
164 Quiet time alone with God
165 tea with honey and a comfy bed on the couch

Day 25 A Gift Worn Out, New, Made-Do
166  a skirt that I've worn since college
167 a new homemade scrubbie made by Aunt Carol Barrett
168 the boys' pants that have been patched, and patched again.

Day 26   3 Gifts Seen as Reflections
169 Mirrors and all they help us do (they occupy my boys for hours as they make faces at themselves!)
170  A friend's eyes that are so clear and full of hope even though she's gone through some of the toughest spots life can throw a person - she reflects Jesus so beautifully.
171 Our copy machine that makes countless copies for our homeschooling needs.

Day 27 3 Ugly Beautiful Gifts
172 Things that I've lost in my lifetime that God knew were not good for me.
173 My youngest son's special blanket all pilled and drab but it brings him much joy.
174 The ugliness of winter without snow that holds the promise of a beautiful spring.

Day 28 3 Gifts From the Past that help you trust the future
175 Thankful for the restoration of "normal" after a tumultuous two years - God's faithfulness has been magnified so many times.
176 God's wisdom in choosing the best husband for me - He never makes a mistake.
177 The daily answers to the SOS prayers that get prayed daily - He's interested even in the little things.

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