Thursday, November 07, 2013

Trip to the Zoo

We joined a homeschool group from THINK (Teaching Homes In Northern Kentucky) to have a Cincinnati Zoo field trip. I used to be able to go to places and within two hours my guys were done and we'd come home. Now we're having to come home because mommy is done!

Picture with the resident Sumatran Rhinoceros.

Allan with a Takin.

 Daniel with a camel.

I think this is what did it - we took four rides in a row and my stomach just whirled afterwards.....ugghhhhhh.

 Mr. Manatee came right up to the window.


David and April said...

I noticed Daniel's freckle's in the one picture! He has quite a few! Kaylynn has just a couple on her nose! ;) Can't wait to see you all very soon!!

Marianne Brown said...

I love his freckles but he doesn't :o( So I don't say much about them but I do snap a few pictures now and then in close-up mode so that I have some really cute ones. Hard to believe we'll be there in three more weeks.