Sunday, December 15, 2013


This was the year for our family to spend Thanksgiving with the Slagenweit side of the family. The Florida crew arrived early and then then our Ohio clan joined them for Thanksgiving day. The college break begins after sixth period on Wednesday so we left soon after but it was quite the trip with some blinding snow that covered the roads and left us blindingly following the tail lights of the vehicle in front of us for a large part of Pennsylvania. The boys were amazed at how quickly this trip went......since they were sleeping for half of it!

My camera stayed in its case for the majority of the time and the pictures I did take were very random.....weird random as a matter of fact.

My "little" brother Jonathan handing off his youngest son, Carter, to my sister, Jennifer.

My nephew, Evan.

The boys spent the majority of their time playing the Wii. As you can tell by Allan's face, it has a numbing effect. After we left last year he sighed and said, "I have an addiction. It's an addiction to playing video games. It's good we don't have any at home."  Having the exposure once a year is actually quite a good teaching tool for my guys and I think that's why they've never asked to have any of their own.

 This would be my nephew, Bryce.

 Daniel and Zach are playing with the marble track that I played with (and if I'm not mistaken, my father played with) when I was young at my Grandpa and Grandma Slagenweit's house. It's a track with slightly angled channels that have a hole in the end where the marble drops to the next level - back and forth until reaching the bottom. Some things never get old!

My niece, Kaylynn and nephew Bryce in conversation.

The week before Thanksgiving we caught up with the homeschool group from Christian Nation Church for their yearly Thanksgiving feast. My boys all chose to dress up like pilgrims this year......but even Pilgrims must carry cap guns.

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