Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Camping Trip - Day One

Over spring break we took a camping trip to Cumberland Gap National Park. I thought last year's camping trip was cold. I was wrong. That was not cold. This camping trip was cold! Last year I think the lowest it got was 30 degrees. The lowest this time was 24? And it snowed. So this trip will stick out in our minds as the one that started out really cold but ended really nice. And actually it wasn't that bad in our tent with two heaters running, poly-p clothing and X-ped mats. Without them we would have frozen and been miserable.

We went with our friends, Randy and Jennifer Welch and their three children. Everyone prayed the rain would stop by the time we got to the campsite so that we could set up camp and God answered that prayer in our favor. Our tent was directly behind our blue van, then the Welch tent, then our food prep area.

After the children helped set up as much as they could, they were dismissed to go play while we finished and started supper. Stephen came running back into camp with this......

which we found out later (after he has stomped it into the ground) was a Morel mushroom. I've always wanted to try one..... They are $50 a pound! And unfortunately, we didn't see any more this trip. After a supper of spaghetti, green beans, and garlic bread, we enjoyed the fire (and the standard s'mores) and called it a day.

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