Thursday, May 01, 2014 the city?

Yes - the city of Cincinnati allows chickens. Our backyard neighbor, Mr. Murray, has had chickens for 5(?) years and there is another couple on the street behind us who have chickens - they have a Williams Sonoma chicken coop.....the very thought of those two concepts being in the same sentence amuses me.

Anyhow - this dream started several years ago and has finally come to fruition (or hatched you might say).  We were given this:

Which we are in the process of converting and dressing up a bit.

That involved taking all the boards and doors off.

And building exterior nesting boxes. Which is now done and has the door on it but I don't have a picture.

Last night we installed the studs for the side walls and today we hope to get the T1-11 in place. The boys have LOVED this process. We work on it a little each day - just yesterday they spent several hours priming the trim for me.

One week ago 10 of them arrived (there is sure to be a rooster in there so we probably won't end up with that many since no roosters are allowed in the city). Interesting note: when we went to pick them up at our branch post office (by the University of Cincinnati) - the man in front of us picked up chickens and when I asked for mine the lady said, "Oh good - we've got chickens, ducks, and quail back there today and they're making such a racket." Good grief - I'm surrounded by farmers and didn't even know it! They are (were) the cutest things ever!

I must update their pictures today - they now have wingfeathers and one lady is even sprouting some tail feathers. So - we're spending less time on handwriting and spelling these days and working on the more practical aspect of learning.


Ellsworth Cottage said...

Looks and sounds like fun. A Williams & Sonoma chicken coop - that's some expensive eggs. ha ha

Dorcas said...

I loved when your son said how dangerous it is to be videoing when your driving :o) I'm sure the chickens have caused some excitement around your house!!