Sunday, July 20, 2014

He's a Keeper

Though we've been awfully busy, there have been plenty of laughs and fun at this house. Daniel came to me several weeks ago, eyes twinkling, and said, "Mommy, I've made a treasure hunt for you and daddy and it starts under the duck in the back room." He had been coming to me all morning asking how to spell certain words or write things for him but he wouldn't tell me what he was working was a surprise. At the time I was working on fixing lunch and so it wasn't until later in the afternoon I remembered and made my way to the guest room where there is a duck door stop (which I made in art class back in 7th grade). And there was the first clue.
 It said, "Look for a picture of Daniel in this house on the wall."

 There are multiple pictures of him around the house but only one with just him pictured. In the corner of the frame I found the next clue: "The next clue on on the 12th step."
 On the 12th step in the corner I found this clue, "On the wood of the gate is the next clue." That one had me puzzled for a bit because we don't have any wooden gates around here but then I remembered that there is a wooden looking gate on their Playmobil castle.
 And I was right - the next clue was stuck in the door.
 It read: "In the jail is the treasure." Wow - pretty short treasure hunt since the jail is also in the castle.
 And in the jail I found this:
 "I Love you Dad and Mom!!" Now that boy is a keeper!


Dorcas said...

Ahhh!! How special!! You have to love those moments.

Kathryn said...

So sweet! If you ever decide he isn't a keeper, give him to me! ;o)

knightfirstlady said...

Oh my! That is sooo cute! Yep! I'd say he's a keeper too! Gotta love those boys! sk