Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Dog Days of Summer

This was quite the summer. A bit too busy for my preference but weather wise, I don't remember a nicer one. Only within the past week has it really felt like a "real" summer. Most of the time it was so balmy and cool that we were able to keep the house open and air conditioners off. It  was lovely but didn't allow the garden to produce like we had hoped. The garden looked lovely - it just didn't produce very much.

The chickens are doing wonderfully and we had one hen who started laying about three weeks ago. So far she's the only one but she's produced 19 eggs in 20 days. When we opened the first week's eggs to have fried eggs one Sunday evening, we discovered that in the first week she'd laid two double yolks. Since then she's also laid one other one.

We've discovered that the really big ones she lays are the double yolks.

The layer is one of the Silver Laced Wyandottes.

We started homeschooling early this summer since little boys without structure will create drama just to have something to do. It was nice to knock out some of the English and Math lessons before starting full bore. Now God's Bible School and College classes begin tomorrow and thus starts another school year. It's nice to have campus "come alive" again and we're looking forward to God's transforming grace working in our lives this year. There are good days ahead. Happy end of summer everyone! 

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Dorcas said...

That's so neat about your hen laying eggs and double yokes at that!! The weather here has been just beautiful for summer, too. We just had to turn our a/c on again yesterday due to the humidity. Our garden didn't do the best either, but it was the first year for it. I've canned tomato sauce, pickles and pepper rings. Tomorrow I'll be doing another batch of tomato sauce. We got to enjoy sweet corn several times!! Nice to be doing all this after not canning for 5 years! Also, we got to talk to Amit on the phone yesterday for the first since he's back in the States. Can't wait to see him!!