Saturday, January 03, 2015

Saturday Sermon

This week's sermon is geared for the beginning of  a new year. The most important thing we will do this year is maintain a fresh, vibrant relationship with God. One of the foundational ways of growing this relationship is to regularly immerse ourselves in His Word. This revelation of His will, His desires, His character - all intended to draw us to Himself.

The link to this sermon is found at Discipling New Converts which is the website that my brother-in-law has designed to help people read and understand the Bible. If you're looking for a Bible reading plan, this is an invaluable resource with the chronological reading plan and accompanying prayers.

Dr. Mark Minnick is known for his careful exegetical teaching and leading of his flock. This message was preached to his congregation at the beginning of  a new year and wonderful reminder of the importance of Bible reading to our growth as Christians.   "The Benefits of Reading Through the Bible In Its Entirety"

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